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MBA in Europe

post img Written by ESC on 12 Sep 2018. Posted in Blog

It is often observed that individuals with effective communication skills and an outgoing disposition tend to take up Business degrees in their graduation as well as post graduation years. This seems to be one of the main reasons that MBA courses are always in demand.…

Tips to study abroad

post img Written by ESC on 24 Jan 2017. Posted in Blog

Studying abroad can be a fun and safe experience but it is important to realize that you are subject to the laws and customs of another country.

Studying abroad can do so many things for an individual. On the personal side, students are able to…

Tips to prepare for IELTS

post img Written by ESC on 20 Feb 2017. Posted in Blog

IELTS measures your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and assesses your ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country.

Remember that skimming and scanning are important exam skills. Skimming is the quickest way of finding out what a text, or part of a text…

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