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Integrating Study Abroad into your Homeland

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Sep 2020 Posted in Blog

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Whether or not you’re excited to return home from living overseas has no effect on how you behave when you finally arrive in your home country. You'll probably feel a bit lost, a bit of reverse culture shock and most likely sadness and emptiness as you start missing the comforts of studying abroad. Even if you were homesick overseas and were excited to return home, it will take some time and effort until you feel comfortable in your own home again. As odd as it sounds, don't forget you're taking a new person to an old position that's going to take some readjustment.

There are a variety of ways to maintain and integrate the newfound attitude

There are a variety of ways to maintain and integrate the newfound attitude, outlook and personal goals you've acquired from your incredible experience abroad into your home lifestyle.

Firstly, note how you feel day to day, when you really can not bring your study abroad experience into sentences, it will help in those moments. Then, stay in touch with your friends, both in your home country and the new ones you've made abroad. There's a reason you have both Twitter and Skype. Just predict reverse culture shock, sure you've heard of it, so it might take you off balance even the slightest stuff. Know how weird you feel when you first started studying abroad, and then you got used to a new way of life? Your way of living at home was becoming more remote. Flip-now as a stranger you’re trying to blend into your family. There’s certainly better than you thought, know the advantages of living at home. Get out to check out what has changed; meet up with old friends to rediscover your favorite spots in your neighborhood or around your college campus. By throwing yourself into your old, familiar lifestyle, it will soon seem as though your home is really 'home' again.

You've seen a new way of life so you can now understand not just other people but yourself as well. As time goes on, you'll actually enjoy the feeling more and more.

Just remember, it takes time to be comfortable in an environment that was once familiar. While it would be almost difficult to slip back into a former lifestyle now that you have undergone personal development from traveling abroad, you will be proud of how you can adapt the new you into your home lifestyle. Continue to make an effort to think about how you can integrate your new positive attitude with an existing home life and look to the future.

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