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Management and Hospitality in Abroad

Course Introduction

  One of the main strands of business and management degrees is how you can create value for companies. Business is all about increasing value, whether financial, number of customers or quality. Expect to study modules in accounting, marketing and management.Study Hospitality Management Abroad with Undergraduate Programs as it may be a memorable way to learn about your industry. For the student with a passion for tourism and hotel management, what could be better than getting the opportunity to combine travel with earning valuable undergraduate credits? Choose from a variety of worldwide program options; in-class learning is often combined with excursions so you get the best of seeing your host country from the eyes of a tourist and a scholar. Study programs in Hotel Management are concerned with coordinating the many operational tasks necessary for running a successful hotel. Managing a hotel requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields. An education in hotel management teaches students the skills to effectively manage different responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing.

Admission Procedure

  Eligibility criteria to study Hospitality Management abroad For the bachelor’s course in hospitality management, the candidates should have successfully passed their 10+2 standard. For those looking for the master’s course, a graduate degree is essential. The ones with a masters’ degree can apply for the PhD programme. Also for getting into the institutes in foreign countries, the candidates should also have good score in various exams such as IELTS or TOEFL or TEEP. Application procedure to study Hospitality Management abroad The application to Hospitality Management programme can be made easily through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The necessary information is cited in the official website of UCAS. The aspirants are advised to have a look on the same and apply for the preferred university. The candidates can also directly make contact with the University centre and enquire about the admission process and other requisite facts. The application procedures may vary for different institutions or universities. Still there will be an entrance test for admission in most of the universities. There are also some criteria to be followed to study abroad. The candidates preparing to go abroad for higher studies in hospitality management should clear all the criteria put forward by the respective university and also should be ready with the migration certificate and other recommended documents well in advance.


  Hotel management programs typically include courses in hotel administration, accounting, business systems, marketing and sales, housekeeping, food service management and catering, and hotel maintenance and engineering If you are looking to add some travel to your undergraduate years but you also want to make your time count towards your major, a Study Abroad Hospitality Management Program is worth considering. See some of the major tourist attractions, but also feel what it is like to experience your host country or countries as a local; a fantastic combination if you plan to work in the hospitality industry. Whether you choose a multi country summer term program or a full undergraduate academic year, studying hospitality management abroad may prove enriching as well as informative!  

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