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Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Why study in Italy ? Education in Italy is highly esteemed with a wide range of excellent academic institutions throughout Italy welcoming students to study almost any subject imaginable. Italy has played an important academic role as one of the catalysts in reforming Europe's higher education. Students in Italy gain valuable knowledge not only within the classroom, but also through everyday life in this dynamic, incredible place. How is the education system in Italy ? First Cycle: Bachelors degrees in Italy (3 years) and Single-cycle degrees (5-6 years) Second Cycle: Masters degrees in Italy (2 years) and 1st Level vocational masters What are the international tuition fees in Italy ? The tuition fees ranges from 2000 euro-4000 euro since this varies from one university to another and also depends on the chosen course of study. How are the part-time/full-time JOB opportunities in Italy ? Compared to other European Countries like France, Germany , etc. Its LESS! You require Italian Language and exceptional command in English. Part-Time Jobs are rare. What about Post-Study Work VISA after Graduation ? If you manage to secure a JOB before or after graduation, you have the opportunity to convert your visa from Student to Work. What are the documents required for visa processing ? Documents Required : Passport Passport Size photos Admission Letter ( Most important )** Insurance Travel Tickets ( One way )# Pre-Enrollment Procedure Declaration Of Value Accomodation Proof#

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