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Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark

With a thriving government providing one of the best welfare states and voted once again the happiest country in the world, Denmark has a countless number of opportunities for all ,it is based in Northern Europe. Whichever subject you choose to study in Denmark you can expect outstanding quality and academic standards that are recognized worldwide. - More than 500 programmes and 1300 courses taught in English - An innovative educational system of high international quality - Excellent collaborative and innovative skills - A well-organized, friendly and safe country - A strong foundation for your future career What is the weather like in Denmark ? Denmark's weather is just right, not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. In the winter it reaches freezing point at 0°C (32°F) in February its coldest month, and a mild 17°C (35°F) in its hottest month July. Can I work along with my studies ? You are able to work up to a maximum of 15 hours on a Danish student Visa during term time; however, between June and August you will be able to work full time. Is it possible to extend my visa after studies ? For reasons of study or to find employment you are able to extend your student visa up to a period of 6 months after the completion of your course.

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