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If you have a mind that is bent on discovering how things work and taking things apart, then you may be interested in pursuing an engineering degree. Because you are only limited by your imagination, there are virtually no limits to what is possible with a little bit of creativity and the right materials. To expand the possibilities even further, Engineering programs abroad provide students with the opportunity to pursue their degree while learning about techniques and theories that foreign countries employ. There are many different programs and potential benefits to studying engineering abroad, many of which could enhance career opportunities and enrich a student’s life with unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

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Health And Science

Undergraduates interested in gaining a global perspective of how science, technology, engineering or mathematics are used in the delivery of healthcare, might consider one of the many study health sciences abroad programs. Studying health sciences abroad may help you understand different health practices, health care platforms and cultural influences on health and wellness that may be hard to pick up from textbooks. With a foreign setting and the opportunity to learn firsthand what is going on internationally in your discipline, finding a study abroad health sciences program may be just what the doctor ordered.

Study health sciences abroad programs can be found worldwide, giving you, as an undergraduate, the opportunity to combine some travel with valuable academic credits. Why join the ranks of other international students? Consider the following:

  • Perhaps you will develop relationships with some of the health practitioners you meet that could turn into a public health internship abroad and expanded opportunities for employment both in the United States or internationally.
  • Or maybe you will have an opportunity to research a topic that is endemic to the foreign country you are visiting.
  • Studying abroad can show future employers or graduate schools that you are committed, adaptable and able to work with others in unfamiliar settings.
  • Learn about a culture through its language, food, art, architecture, local hang outs and markets. Some programs are structured with side excursions and promising explorations aside from strong academics

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Management and Hospitality


One of the main strands of business and management degrees is how you can create value for companies. Business is all about increasing value, whether financial, number of customers or quality. Expect to study modules in accounting, marketing and management.Study Hospitality Management Abroad with Undergraduate Programs as it may be a memorable way to learn about your industry. For the student with a passion for tourism and hotel management, what could be better than getting the opportunity to combine travel with earning valuable undergraduate credits? Choose from a variety of worldwide program options; in-class learning is often combined with excursions so you get the best of seeing your host country from the eyes of a tourist and a scholar. Study programs in Hotel Management are concerned with coordinating the many operational tasks necessary for running a successful hotel. Managing a hotel requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields. An education in hotel management teaches students the skills to effectively manage different responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing.

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Student dreaming to become a doctor have different reasons. Even if most students in Europe get into medical schools upon high school graduation, it is never late to study medicine. In some countries like Germanay, UK,USA, most students go to medical schools after graduation or even after getting working and volunteer experience. The reasons attracting students to study medicine are various. After graduation from medical school and become Doctor or any other medical specialist, there is a broad range of opportunities for future job. Upon getting the medical degree you can choose to work in hospitals, science institutes, and public health care or be part of the medical segment of some other science. Doctors can also chose to manage health care costs in economical sciences, or cooperate as a part of judicial sciences in proving medical errors and patients' rights.

You have decided to study medicine and become doctor but wonder which medical school to choose? Then you may consider the following reasons many students like you decide to study medicine abroad. 

High competitively entry requirements of getting into medicine

Applying to medicine can be an incredibly challenging process because in most countries, because of far more students who wish to study medicine than available places. The applicant’s high school certificate with good grade and eventually the type of pre-medical undergraduate degree are not enough to guarantee access to further medical studies for many students in Canada, France and UK, USA, Norway, to name some.  The percentages of prospective medical students who manage to get a medical university seat vary 20% to 50% depending on country and university!

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Double Degree Program

A Double Degree is a joint program that allows you to :

  • Study at two top university.
  • Receive two Degree,one from each University
  • Create a differentiating factor on your CV
  • Spend the first academic year at some university like Mykolas Romeris university​ and the second academic year at a partner school
  • The last semester they will have possibility to choose between internship in Lithuanian business enterprises and internship in different partner universities
  • Both programs are taught in English
  • Why a Double Degree ?

    • To challenge yourself academically, through new academic experiences
    • To increase your cultural and social experiences
    • To explore a new business environment
    • To create an international business network
    • To spend one full year abroad in a great city and a great school
    • To be part of an international community
    • To gain a passport for an international career

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Summer Courses and Short Term Courses

Summer study abroad programs have the potential to be life altering for those who embark on the adventure. No matter what your major, spending a summer studying abroad in another country may increase your awareness and understanding of the world around you. Many college students who participate in study abroad programs make friendships that last throughout their lives, and they are often able to connect not just with those in the country they visit, but also with others from around the world who are involved in the same program. If you normally work over the summer, you may find a summer internship program or be able to incorporate a work component as part of your summer study abroad experience.

Studying abroad for a semester or more is an increasingly popular way of supplementing your study course with the experience of living and studying in a new country and culture.

Many students gain a valuable alternative view to how their industry and area of study operates in another part of the world. With an increasing global economy, having an international perspective can be a rare and valuable commodity.

Many universities and schools have joint degrees and exchange programs with other institutes around the world. This allows students to seemlessly incorporate a semester or more abroad without interrupting their study program.

Study abroad educational programs are study courses - usually short term - offered to students interested in pursuing educational opportunities in another country. Many universities, colleges and schools actively encourage cooperation with other institutes around the world to enable students to study part of their educational course in another country.

The benefits of such an exchange are obvious. Students are exposed to a different culture, experience alternative study methodologies, learn a second language and broaden their horizons. Many courses benefit from a joint degree approach. A particular institute or region of the world might be specialists within a segment of a courses syllabus. By having the option of learning directly from the worlds leading authority is an invaluable opportunity.

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Arts and Science

A social science education gives you a broad and diverse range of subjects and a wide range of career options.

Known as an Arts Degree in Australia, a Social Science Degree in the US and a Humanities Degree in the UK, you can design your course to suit your own interests. Subjects vary widely – from foreign languages and linguistics, to literature, politics and psychology degrees, as well as creative arts and the media.

You can choose an arts course that reflects your interest, or you can think about the area you would like to work in after you graduate – such as journalism, translation or the government. Most bachelor of arts subjects will broaden, not narrow, your career options – employers regard a liberal arts degree highly, as it teaches you to be open-minded and analytical. And you can always learn job-specific skills later.

In the US, a liberal arts college offers a general approach to further education, and social science subjects include economics as well as international relations and political science. In the UK, the wealth of creative arts and cultural funding encourage students to explore cultural studies, history and literature.

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Language Courses

The quickest way to learn an international language is by lodging oneself into a location where in the language of your choice prevails and possibly by enrolling with a reputed language school in that vicinity.

A language, certainly contributes as the most integral part of an economy. This is what entails the international trade, alliances and most of all holds the integrity between nations for a better future. The benefits of such schools are farfetched from what anyone can possibly conceive. Learning a language could be a very important decision for the candidate, especially considering the core motive of undertaking such eruditions. Hence there goes in a lot of thought process and understanding a wide range of factors that needs to be considered while choosing a language school. For the same we have our experienced panel of consultants serving you with the essential mentoring and counseling sessions, to ensure that your language learning motives are brought into a pragmatic phase while being objectified to a career path which can be very fruitful to your future. Such decision involves the right language, right school, right destination, right culture and the perfect environment to make it a remarkable experience

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