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Study in Slovenia

Study in Slovenia

If you decide to study in Slovenia,you will enjoy its perfect location,with part of its territory by the Alps and part by the sea.Slovenia,member of the European Union since 2004,is also a member of the Schengen Area and the Eurozone.This situation makes Slovenia an ideal destination for international students who would like to attain a higher education degree while discovering the rest of Europe.In addition,students are exempted from paying tuition fees at full-time study programs at public institutions,and enjoy affordable tuition fees at part-time studies and at private institutions. Slovenia is positioned in heart of Europe More or less in geometrical centre,between Italy,Austria,Hungary and Croatia.It is easily accessible by plane through the main airport in Ljubljana (the capital) or from surrounding airports like Graz,Vienna,Klagenfurt,Venice,Trieste or Zagreb. Cheap transportation Transportation in Slovenia is quite cheap.There are some limitations to that,but with a bit of inside information from locals you can travel through Slovenia without spending too much money. Intercity bus and train connections might be not the best,to admit,but a really popular alternative in Slovenia is carpooling.We have a common web page where people announce their car trips from city to city and you can join them for little money. Small student groups in lectures Studies are adapted to foreign students.Professors always take additional time for you and off the record they are usually less demanding towards foreign students.As said before studies are in English and because there are smaller groups of foreign students,students get more individual time from professors and teaching assistants.Slovenia rich history brings the arts alive. Many students choose Slovenian universities for in-depth study of European culture,including linguistics, history,and the humanities.The University of Ljubjana even operates its own art gallery.Slovenia cultural diversity makes it an exceptional location to study international relations,foreign policy,and language arts but science and technology hold a strong place in Slovenian academics,too, where the study of medicine and dentistry are encouraged.  

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