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Study in Estonia

Study in Estonia

Estonia is one of the most dynamic new EU member states, and a unique location between the East and the West. Due to its favourable location on the shore of the Baltic Sea, Estonia has often been regarded as a bridge between different countries and cultures. The country's complex history and successful transition from a communist past to democracy offers a unique perspective on the problems shaping the future of the region and the continent. Europe hottest start-up capitals:Tallinn (Wired magazine).As a result,Estonia has more successful start-up companies per head than in any other country in Europe, e.g. TransferWise, CrabCAD, Fortumo etc.We are talking about companies where even Sir Richard Branson invests. Home of Skype – the Skype software was developed by four Estonian engineers.Skype has an office in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and the company also provides scholarships for bright IT students who have chosen to study in Estonia. Ranked 1st worldwide in air quality (World Health Organization 2013).Estonia ranks 2nd in Internet freedom in the world (1st place Iceland, 3rd place Germany).Ranked 2nd in the world for Internet access in schools (1st Iceland,3rd Finland, The Global Information Technology Report 2013).Estonia is also the only Eurozone nation to run a budget surplus. Voted as best-performing economy in Europe.(www.europeanvoice.com)Has Europe's largest 4G coverage (95% of the country). Only Singapore and South Korea have managed to do the same.One of the safest countries in the world. Over 100 unique and high quality degree programmes,Internationally accepted diplomas,Various state scholarships,English language widely spoken,High level research projects,Active and fun student life,Working possibilities,The personal touch: small group sizes in classrooms,Great value for money

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