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Is studying abroad worth all the hype?

Written by ESC Author on 17 Mar 2022 Posted in Blog

If you are a student who has completed his/her higher secondary education then you are most probably considering a study abroad option as well. From regular Bachelor degrees in Science, Commerce and Arts to specialised courses in the field of engineering, technology, medicine, biotechnology, aviation and more the list is endless and the options limitless.

So why exactly is the concept of ‘study abroad’ so appealing? How does say a bachelor’s degree europe compare to your local university degree? When students analyse their study options some of the primary classifications are done on factors like – university ranking, quality of education, future prospects, PR possibilities, fee structure, etc. Universities in Europe are recognised for their high quality of education from centuries. The fact that they follow the Bologna system of education ensures that the quality is always consistent throughout the continent irrespective of where a student chooses to study.

Free education in Europe

Since finance is always a sensitive topic, it goes without saying that it is a huge decision factor for students when they look to study abroad. But with the free education in Europeand the large number of international scholarships international students have much better options to choose from. Needless to say that all of these factors combined make the entire package of study in Europe a rather attractive one!

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