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Learn a new language when studying abroad

Written by Esc Author on 18 Feb 2022 Posted in Blog

When you're a native English speaker, it can be tempting to travel, live, and study in another nation without ever speaking the local language. This is especially true if your course is taught in English and all of your classmates speak English and want to practice their pronunciation with you. And, let's face it, studying for a postgraduate degree is difficult enough without adding another language to the mix. Well, there are a number of compelling reasons why this could be the ideal time for you to learn a new language. For starters, it will greatly facilitate your transition.

The answers for your question “Why You Should Learn a New Language when studying abroad” are:

It will change the way you think: There is some evidence that bilingualism can improve the way your brain operates by allowing you to make more connections and think faster. This can help later in life by lessening the effects of ageing on the brain. If this isn't enough to persuade you to try learning another language, then nothing will.

Broaden your career opportunities: Speaking a foreign language fluently will not only provide you with more options when you return home, but it will also help you stand out overseas. Every multinational firm needs translators, and if you can speak two languages effectively, you may find yourself in high demand. What if you wish to stay in the area where you studied longer or settle down after you've finished your course? If your plans change or you do something dumb like fall in love, you don't want to have to spend extra time studying the language! While you're studying for your degree and settling into life in a new nation, learning the language will keep your options open and expand them.

The chance to speak fluently like a native: There is only one way to learn another language fluently: surround yourself with individuals who speak it on a daily basis. If you watch all of your television and read all of your newspapers in the local language, you will acquire a more natural way of speaking that can't be learned any other way.

Experience more of the country you are living in: You will be able to integrate more fully into local life and settle in more quickly if you can communicate in the local language. You will learn more about the culture and people you are living with if you can talk to folks in the local stores about the weather, local news, or current events. By exclusively speaking English, you will only learn about the opinions of those who can communicate with you, rather than learning about other people's perspectives and having a better understanding of the country you live in.

Its good manners: After a while, not being able to have a basic discussion with your neighbour becomes a little impolite. You'll get a lot warmer reaction if you try to communicate in the local language rather than not at all, and you'll pick up on local customs far more quickly. It's all about having the confidence to say hello to everyone you meet, or more precisely, bonjour, hola, ciao, or guten tag.

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