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Discover the pros and cons of working part-time while studying!

Written by ESC ADMIN on 20 Jun 2020 Posted in Blog

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With the costs associated with pursuing higher education, part-time employment while studying has become a necessity for many students – whether for the purpose of covering regular expenses, paying tuition fees or miscellaneous college fees, or even for additional allowances. This problem has become increasingly evident in today's society. It's also become a challenge for many teachers, rather than just being evident. We will weigh the pros and cons in this article regarding students taking part-time jobs while studying abroad.


The positive thing about working part-time while studying is that money isn't going to be the only thing you'll benefit from working. It's also the wonderful opportunities you can achieve from industry first-hand experience that will better prepare you for the real world of work. Know how to work with and for others, and not confine yourself to the pursuit of studying. Who knows you might even be able to gain some experience in the field(s) in which you wish to pursue your degree. If you can find the right job, it will give you an invaluable start in your career, and the moment you graduate you will have the upper hand.


If you're an international student looking for part-time work while you're studying, you'll experience the language, culture, and lifestyle of the people in your chosen destination – first hand. Working in a foreign country will give you a completely different experience compared to working in your country of origin.



One downside to working during the course to your studies is that it takes time. This is one of your greatest strengths as a student particularly as your course gets harder – you'll need to devote more of your day to study and revision. In fact, the ugly truth about part-time employment is that you never find a job that can help glamorize your CV and make you skip a couple of working days to meet your assignment deadlines.


Realistically, most graduates won't be able to get jobs at law firms or newspapers because these positions typically need at least an undergraduate degree or some work experience in similar fields. Hence, students will most likely end up in unskilled roles such as waiting, cleaning the dish, babysitting, selling the product and so on.


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