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Study in Finland

Written by ESC Author on 09 Apr 2022 Posted in Blog

Finland is one of the best places to study in europe because it is a member of the European Union and has 35 higher education institutions. Finland is an excellent social setting to enhance your learning and personal growth since it is an equal nation that values knowledge and lifelong learning. Life in Finland is enriched for international students by the convenience of high-level equipment and facilities, the security of living in one of the safest places in the world, and the enjoyment of nature with four distinct seasons, each with its own distinct flavor. The bachelor’s degree europeinstitutions are highly autonomous, however, the Ministry of Education and Culture provides the majority of funding. As a result, the Ministry keeps a tight eye on the quality of teaching. 

In English, there are more than 400 study programmes.

Numerous English-language degree programmes are available at Finnish institutions. There are several study options available in all disciplines of education, ranging from short courses as part of an exchange programme to entire degrees.


Research and education of high quality

The national strategy emphasizes academic achievement at all levels, and Finnish institutions place high importance on high-quality research and innovation. In Finland, the majority of students regard higher education degrees to be an essential step in laying a solid basis for their future jobs. Finnish students are extremely motivated to study as a result of their basic education and national admission tests. Unlike in most nations, students have a direct impact on educational quality. There is legislation in place that gives them significant sway over the development of their institutions and studies in collaboration with their lecturers.


Modes of transportation

Finland is the northernmost country in Europe. With several international flights, Helsinki Vantaa, the capital, is one of the most important airport terminals in the Nordic region. Smaller airports throughout the country are occasionally served by low-cost carriers like Ryanair but are otherwise linked through Helsinki.



Excellent working and recreational amenities

There are numerous advantages to studying at one of Finland's bachelor’s degree europeinstitutions. Well-equipped libraries provide conducive environments for fruitful study sessions. With a library card, all students in Finland enjoy free access to the institutions' libraries. All higher education institutions provide free internet access to their students in addition to well-stocked libraries. Municipal library services are also open to the public, and the basic services are usually free. During study breaks, cafes and common spaces are bustling social centers where friends congregate. There are a variety of student organizations and clubs that offer events and outings for all interests. Both international and local students can take advantage of the numerous sports facilities on campus.

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