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Best Places in the World to Study Art & Art History Abroad

Written by Admin on 14 Jan 2020 Posted in Blog

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As an art student, the ability to study renowned works of art in person acts as a valuable complement to your learning experience in the classroom. You might be fortunate enough to have a good collection of Arts universities near your home university, but there are many students who travel to see masterpieces in person or to see more specific and concentrated works that relate directly to a given medium or art specialty. Studying abroad offers the rare opportunity to learn outside the classroom and to study in an international environment both methodology and history. For art students looking to add on to their skills, seeing contemporary and classical works close will help them learn better. Students of art history usually act as historians and as cultural critics, exploring the fundamental relationship between different cultures and the impact on local art.

Abroad Cities

Whether you're studying art or art history, studying abroad will undoubtedly be valuable for your further education. Here are the best three cities to study abroad.

1. France

There is no more obvious choice when it comes to studying art and art history abroad than Paris, a city of love and light. Paris will never get old for an art historian as it is home to over 100 museums of varying sizes and specialties. Studying here would give students the time they need to walk through the many renowned exhibits, a task that is not feasible on shorter travel experiences.

2. Italy

Another choice of destination for studying abroad is Italy, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It is a perfect destination for those genuinely seeking to understand art history in a global context. Walking through the museums will help in taking a step back in time and understanding many famous works.

3. Czech Republic

Although much of the world's best-known classical art lies in Western Europe, Czech Republic, is one country where one can see some of the most moving and poignant contemporary art. Modern, postmodern and other contemporary art are some of the common styles in this young and vibrant country. For art lovers all over the world, there is really no shortage of great opportunities to fine-tune your craft or dive into a deeper understanding of art history.

Choose the place that most speaks to your heart, and prepare for an amazing adventure that will surely have a profound impact on your artistic style. Whether you're studying art or art history abroad you'll return with greater appreciation for the diversity and influence of art on the world and its cultures.

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