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Free education in the United Kingdom

Written by ESC Author on 02 Apr 2022 Posted in Blog

For foreign students, the United Kingdom is among the most popular choices. With its top-ranked universities, cutting-edge research, and rich history, it's no surprise that the United Kingdom has attracted 485,000 overseas students. There has been an increase in overseas students traveling to the UK, particularly from Nigeria, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they can study for free in the UK.

While the United Kingdom has a record for being one of the most costly countries for education, there is a method for overseas students to receive a world-class education without paying anything. Look over the entire process in this article.

How to Get a Free Education in the United Kingdom

  1.       Send Your Applications Timely

It is best if you register early for any course you choose to study in the United Kingdom. Undergraduates can use the Universities and College Admissions Service portal, or UCAS, to submit their applications. If you want to go to Oxford or Cambridge, or if you want to study medicine or dentistry, you should start your application as soon as October.

You must satisfy the deadline of January 15 for any other courses. You can submit your materials as late as March if you're applying to an art or design programs. Although applications are allowed until June 30, it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible because you will need to register for a student visa, among other paperwork. Graduate school requirements and dates differ depending on the university. In most cases, these universities will want you to submit your credentials, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

  1.       Get Financial Aid in the United Kingdom

International students can apply for a range of scholarships at UK universities, which is the greatest method to acquire a free education in the UK. The GREAT Grant, the Chevening Scholarship, and the Commonwealth Grants are among them.

  1.       Apply to Universities That Are Affordable

Although UK universities can cost up to GBP £38,000 (USD $51,550) annually, there are several excellent schools that charge lesser tuition. Buckinghamshire New University, for example, charges GBP £9,500 (USD $12,890) per year in tuition. Another good alternative is London Metropolitan University, where an undergraduate degree costs only GBP £10,000 (USD $13,560) per year.

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