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Post study work and stay back in Canada

Written by Admin on 24 Oct 2019 Posted in Blog

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The high quality education and better standard of living makes Canada one of the hot destinations for international students. Because of this there has been a constant rise in students who are likely to settle in Canada after their education.

The number of students who stay back in Canada after studying has been steadily rising. This is primarily due to the excellence of the Canadian education system and the tremendous opportunities it provides. The fact that a degree from Canada fosters one's chances of staying back in Canada and gaining permanent residence is another prominent factor.

The Post-study work permit allows students to work up to 3 years, the duration differs according to the span of the course. If the course is for one year, then the student can stay in Canada for one year after course completion. If the degree is of 2 years then they can stay up to 3 years. Students have to apply for post study work permit as student visa doesn’t automatically offer the privilege to work and they have to apply before 180 days of course completion. The post-study work allows the students to stay back in Canada as a worker; unlike student visa using this they can work full time up to 3 years.

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Permanent Residence is the last step to stay back in Canada and you don't need to look back once you get PR, which includes the ability to live, study, travel and work anywhere in Canada as well as various social benefits offered by the Canadian government. A post-study work permit will also allow students to obtain valid work experience that may lead to permanent residence and is one of the best options for staying back in Canada.

International students who have completed their 2-year course at a post-secondary institution and have 12 months of experience working in a professional position are eligible to apply for PR under a category called the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) of the Express Entry Program. There is another option to get Permanent Residence in Canada other than CEC for international students. The Provincial Nominee Program has special immigration provisions that will allow students to return to Canada via permanent residence.

The new point system establishes foreign students and graduates ' eligibility to stay back in Canada and buy PR. International students who have completed their studies in a Canadian educational institution with a full-time program and who have been physically present in Canada for at least 8 months are entitled to live in Canada and receive PR visas under this scheme. An international student will receive 15 points if he / she has an eligible credential from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program in Canada to stay back in Canada. If they have completed a post secondary program with 3 or more years then they will get 30 points.

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