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Written by esc on 20 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog


Do you want to become a business leader, manage organizations, inspire people and make a difference in the world of business? Then getting an MBA degree in Europe will be the right step to reach these career goals.

Studying MBA in Europe will help students to experience the various cultures that the countries offer. Universities in Europe provide programs in English now. So, the pressure of learning the local dialect shouldn’t be there but learning could help students to communicate well with the locals. It is like a whole bag of burritos since students get to learn new skills with advanced technologies.

Universities in Europe are partnered with universities in other countries which makes it easy for a student to swap after a semester to the partnered university. In recent years, European business schools have built up a good international reputation. Graduates from their MBA programmes have gone on to influential leadership positions in large corporations, or successfully started their own businesses as entrepreneurs. Because Europe is such a diverse continent with many different nations and languages, it is the ideal launching pad for exciting careers.

Tuition fees for MBA programmes have been rising everywhere. In the US, top business schools usually charge upward of 70,000 dollars. But in Europe, you can get an MBA at top schools for less money, sometimes around 30,000 to 50,000 euros; and you can even find degrees at reputable universities for much less. With so many MBA programs in Europe, there are also many different focuses and specializations. You can of course go for a classical general management MBA; but there are also MBAs in finance, human resources, marketing, healthcare, football, and many more.

Let’s see few Advantages of MBA in Europe

  •          Global Experience: It offers students to learn about new culture, customs, and new people from different countries. It helps students to shine in management. Also, it offers insight on IB (International business). Traveling in Europe is cheap and easy.
  •          Shorter course: A student can complete MBA in just one year.
  •          Work experience: Europe is vast. A student can study in one country and gain work experience in another. Say, a student who completed college in France can work in the UK or any other country. This helps students to understand different business environment. This varied experience is important for a student to understand international business.
  •          Personal life and career: Accustoming to a new environment will give students a good experience which would affect personal life and career as well in a good way.
  •          Various opportunities for building network: Europe is a centre, located between the international market of Japan and China, New York and London. Thus, studying MBA in Europe is a perfect option.
  •          New language: If a student chooses a country where English is not an official language, then there is a great chance to learn new dialect. It will advance the education and understanding.
  •          In European MBA degree programmes, the average class sizes are often smaller. That allows you to learn more efficiently and make a better connection with your teachers.
  •          Students can easily find home stay accommodations if they don’t want to stay in a hostel.
  •          The universities are subsidized by the Government.
  •          The medium of the syllabus is in English.

 Thus, the main reason of considering Europe for an MBA is getting high quality of course at low tuition fee. Also, it provides networking and good work experience. Many of the world’s biggest companies are European, and they seek to recruit quality candidates from local universities and institutions. With a European MBA, you are all set up for the next exciting step in your career.


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