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Fitting in after study gap

Written by ESC Admin on 26 Oct 2021 Posted in Blog

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If you're thinking about returning to university after a break, it's natural to be concerned about how you'll fit in. Many students in your situation envision a lecture hall packed with younger pupils and an unfamiliar scholarly setting. These reservations are understandable. You haven't been in an educational setting in a long time, you may be unfamiliar with technology, and you may be concerned that you will feel out of place in a youthful and hip modern university setting. Does this sound familiar? If so.

There's some good news for you: the truth is far from this

Diversity at university

University students are a diverse group, and non-school leavers make up a sizable proportion of the population. The reality of university life is that it is a demanding and fulfilling environment in which everyone and everyone may attain their full potential. The good news is that university is an extremely varied environment. Universities are not what they are portrayed to be. When we gaze out into a lecture theatre, we see people of all ages and backgrounds staring back at us. There is no longer such a thing as a "normal university student."

Are you the right type?

Do you believe you're the type of person that attends university? Despite popular belief, university isn't solely for self-proclaimed bookish intellectuals. You are the ideal type of person for university if you are curious and eager to learn. The most difficult challenge we have as educators is not dealing with academic limits in kids, but with motivating restrictions. Engaging pupils is the difficulty, and mature students typically succeed at it. In this setting, a hardworking and driven student will thrive.

Navigating the social side

If you weren't in the cool group at school or spent your lunch breaks hiding in the library, don't worry — university will not be a replay of those embarrassing years. The important thing to remember is that everyone is there to learn, and you have the option of being as social as you want to be.

There is no obligation to interact with others. The reality is that students are generally very busy handling their study load, as well as their outside work load and family commitments - so there is simply not enough time for some students to get too sociable around here. The internet world frequently serves as a means of communication. Each unit features discussion boards for students, and it has been discovered that students quickly establish common interests and make connections. These faceless and ageless organizations are made up of students with similar goals and interests who help one another as they learn.

Or, just forget about fitting in

The best approach to deal with trying to fit in is to just get on with your studies. The best advice is to concentrate on studying and meeting the learning objectives established by each of the disciplines you study. Learn the names and faces of key staff members, and don't be hesitant to introduce yourself to them and your classmates early on the online discussion board. When you're unsure about something, don't be scared to inquire. Join peer mentoring groups and make the most of your mentors. There is a lot of help available to help students adjust to university life and make the most of this amazing life-changing experience.

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