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Why Study MBA in Germany

Written by Admin on 06 Mar 2020 Posted in Blog

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One of the world's most sought-after graduate programs is Master's in Business Administration (MBA). A large number of students and seasoned professionals consider pursuing an MBA to climb the corporate ladder, start their own business, or follow a completely different career at some point in their lives. Indeed, QS Top Universities ' 2018 Global Employer Survey also indicates business and management rank among the top 5 most preferred disciplines, even among recruiters. A MBA degree, after all, empowers students with a variety of skill sets that are necessary for effective management and strategic decision-making. Most universities around the globe offer MBA courses with distinct specializations that help students catapult to the next level of their careers. Only a few countries however manage to provide the ideal learning environment.

MBA in Germany

There are several reasons to consider Germany as a refuge for future MBA graduates. Below are only 5 of the many reasons for choosing to pursue their MBA in Germany.

1. Endless Options

If you are looking for an MBA in Germany, you'll be glad to know that Germany offers plenty of MBA specialization choices. The variety of specializations offered in this country should help you to find something that is a perfect mixture of your academic qualifications, interests and career objectives.

2. High-Quality Education

Germany is home to some of the finest scholars in the world, who understand that their way of learning and pedagogical experience plays a crucial role in shaping the business professionals ' careers. Furthermore, the advanced learning systems contribute to the quality of high education.
3. Affordable Tuition Fees
MBA degrees typically cost a bomb, and can be afforded by few students or professionals. Nevertheless, this is not the case with respect to German universities. Many German colleges charge fees that are considerably less than their American, Canadian and European counterparts.  To make things even better, there are also incentives for international students to work part-time or opt for scholarship programs offered by the university.

4. Attractive Future Prospects
To MBA grads, Germany is a paradise. It is Europe's fourth largest economy, meaning multinational companies that are keen to hire young graduates are spread across the country. German companies offer fresh MBA students an average salary of US$ 78,000 while American-based international employers offer an average of US$ 83,500.
5. Post-Study Residence Permit
While EU citizens do not need a permit, students from outside the EU must apply for a residence permit from a German university upon completion of their selected program. Immigration laws allow non-EU students to apply for an 18-month residence permit to look for jobs in Germany that suit their educational qualifications. Unlike some countries however, this residence permit is not paired with Germany's student visa. After your studies are complete, you will need to apply for this document through the registration office of local foreign nationals.

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