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Study Abroad Insurance

Written by ESC Admin on 07 Feb 2020 Posted in Blog

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With students preparing to study abroad, it is sometimes not your highest priority to ensure you have the correct international health and travel insurance plan in place. Most students don't think they need coverage, or you can just leave it to the last minute and don't have the time to research all the plans to find the best option. The international student service centers support you by taking the time to do the homework for you - and we've found a selection of policies that are suitable for students studying abroad and provide the highest quality coverage at the right price.

Monthly Student Health Insurance

The Student Secure package is a monthly international student health insurance program which is suitable for students pursuing a study abroad in Europe. The plan offers fantastic benefits such as coverage of hospitalization, prescription medication, visits to physicians, mental health care, childcare, sports coverage, evacuation and much more. You can buy the package in annual installments, pay monthly and if you need more coverage it is unlimited. It gives students the ultimate in versatility.

Student Travel Health Insurance

The Atlas International program is perfect for students who are searching for more travel-related incentives and do not need the student's flexibility to pay on a monthly basis and do not need benefits like mental health, childcare, etc. You can purchase the plan from 5 days up to 1 year, and can renew if you buy at least 3 months at the start. The package provides coverage for hospitalization, visits to hospitals, prescription medicine, evacuation, repatriation, interruption of the journey, lost luggage and much more.

Study Abroad Insurance Tips

When you're looking for a study abroad insurance, you'll know there are plenty of plans available-here are some tips to help you find the right insurance plan:

All insurance companies are rated either by AM Best or Standard and Poor-some countries will require your insurance plan to be rated above a certain level so be sure to check this.

Make sure that you read the exclusions-all programs will have exclusions, some will be more strict than others, so be sure to check them out and be sure that you understand what is not included under the program.

Does the plan engage in a network-some plans have a PPO network which is a network of doctors / hospitals and will allow you to visit certain providers, and other plans won't limit you to any provider in particular so you'll need to find that out.

24-hour assistance-most plans will provide 24-hour assistance, which is common on all schedules, so make sure you can call them conveniently from the country you are in.

When premiums are charged-nearly all insurance plans are going to operate on a pay-up basis, claim back later just make sure you know when long a claim will take to be processed, it really should be no more than 2 weeks.

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