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The post-study world for International students in the UK

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Sep 2020 Posted in Blog

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One of the important considerations that is always overlooked when choosing a destination for a study abroad is what opportunities are available after graduation. We discuss the specifics of post-study job visas in more depth.

When evaluating the choices for traveling abroad, you've already spent some time examining what post-study prospects and job possibilities occur in various destinations. We know that deciding where you end up learning can be a determining factor in that. It is important to know what are on offer whether it is the job and employment opportunities for your chosen field of study or the ability to acquire useful experience and spend more time in a region. We've researched some of the most popular foreign student destinations to bring you into the picture of what to expect and post-study life info.


As one of the most popular study destinations abroad, hosting 18 of the top 100 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2020) and an enviable global reputation for the excellence of the higher education system, the UK has also upgraded its graduate route to open up new possibilities for foreign students. Under the current program, which kicks off for graduates April 2021, foreign students who fulfill the criteria for an undergraduate or postgraduate master's degree will be able to remain in the country for two years after graduation to live and look for jobs. If you have finished your doctorate at a UK university, you will be qualifying for a post-study job visa for three years 

To apply you would require a demonstrable track record of visa enforcement and a clear Tier-4 visa. Know you'll need to make sure the school you’re graduating from is formally accredited as a provider of higher education. A new application for a visa is required for the graduate course, which requires an application fee and immigration health surcharge. The graduate route helps you to apply for all sorts of jobs, with the intention of inspiring students to pursue professional employment. This is particularly relevant for STEM students, who are currently looking to recruit from the UK government through the recently formed Office for Talent, including young scholars, scientists and academics.

Given that we are now living in extraordinary times, the UK Government has given foreign students an guarantee that even in situations where a course or degree has to be completed online, students remain eligible for post-study benefits. This is the case as long as you arrived in the country before 6th of April 2021. Now that you have a clearer understanding of UK post-study job opportunities and what training needs you can use this to help your research and decision-making process. It's a good likelihood that you will consider the perfect combination of influences to match your particular needs and goals.

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