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Study or Intern Abroad?

Written by Admin on 21 Feb 2020 Posted in Blog

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Students are continuously in need of adjusting to the current state of the economy and the employment market. Therefore some providers have started offering different programs where students can study and work abroad. Students now have the opportunity to earn academic credit while studying abroad, and engage in targeted internships. They will find specific placements to match their academic and professional needs.

As for studying abroad versus internship, both sound great, right? That's why you should look for programs from providers that provide program options for study + interns abroad, enabling you to earn college credit! A foreign internship is an excellent opportunity to build your CV with a unique and challenging opportunity for professional development, an internship abroad will act as a differentiator in the professional environment when it comes to job searching after graduation.

Study Abroad

Going abroad for your internship shows additional commitment as it is, only about 10 percent of students studying abroad, and an even smaller percentage apply their experience to an internship. Proving that you are able to keep up with your studies, working professionally, and at the same time navigate a foreign country boosts your resume and your place in the pool of applicants for jobs. For all the right reasons you should stand out, because international work experience also shows professionalism, commitment and the ability to follow through. Potential employers will certainly be pleased by the skills you have applied to your qualifications — skills which may include a second language.
Large firms often have branches in several countries or make alliances with international firms, and someone with the skills and experience acquired by interning abroad receives a major competitive advantage in the job market. An internship abroad helps you to develop these skills and language skills, cultural awareness, tolerance and more! Including an aspect of work to your study experience will immerse you even further into your chosen country's culture. Studying abroad students also spend a lot of time with the other participants of their course, staying in a familiar community. This is fantastic and a great source of warmth, but going out on your own and exploring your new home with the locals can be challenging. Studying abroad and internship programs ensure that you meet local people, learn the language, and become genuinely a part of the community as a student and professional. While an internship may seem "a dime a dozen" in the States, an internship abroad immediately gives the experience some individuality and personalization. Therefore, the ability to research in your area of interest when practicing it in a professional setting can prove to be an invaluable learning experience.
Therefore, doing internships while studying abroad would give you the most bang for your buck. In the United States, attending courses abroad sometimes costs less than or equal to the tuition of a course. Study and internship programs have equivalent academic and professional experience at rates to conventional study programs abroad. So, you get two essentially for the price of one!

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