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LATVIA- a land filled with symphony of sounds, experiences and sights

Written by ESC Admin on 18 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in Latvia

Latvia is a multi-ethnic country, rich in different culture, music and even scenic beauty. Apart from this the Latvian Government has given special emphasis on education and has made many educational reforms. This quality of Latvia made it an ideal International destination.

The higher education institutions in Latvia are members of international cooperation within many different fields of study. Universities also offer both English taught academic and professional bachelors and master’s degrees. Latvian education offers a broad-based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and skill that will serve as a springboard to a brighter future. Studying in Latvia provides an opportunity for cross-cultural exposure and personal development.

Degree programmes

There are a few popular degree programmers available in Latvia. If you are looking for bachelors, Master’s or Doctoral degree can be earned with lot of choices that are available in Latvia. Tuition fees and living costs are generally lower than the costs in most "Western Countries". You will have all the benefits of living in a European country with lower costs than many westernized EU Countries. Universities are well known for producing high quality IT and engineering graduates. EU membership means that a degree from Latvia is equivalent to other EU countries, making it easier to get credentials recognized.

Latvian is the official state language. Latvian belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family. Although the official state language is Latvian, you will easily get around by using Russian and English language.

It is better for all the international students to obtain the student card (International Student Identity Card). The ISIC card is very useful during your Study in Latvia. You can get various discounts, with this student card in theatres, cinemas, etc. The card also gives a discount when a student travels by bus or train within the country and within the towns. The ISIC student card is necessary also for getting access to the university library and sport center. If you want to get this card, you need to fill an Application form after arrival to Latvia. So if you are thinking about studying in Latvia, go ahead and apply to your desired university and be part of this beautiful country.

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