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How to Apply to University after Missing the Deadline

Written by ESC Admin on 20 Nov 2020 Posted in Blog

University deadline application

With deadlines, the path to being an international student is paved. Thus, several of the milestones you would need to pass in the process, such as applying for financial assistance, the student visa, the language test, and others. It is a common fact that, if you want to enrol at an American university, two years before you actually apply, you should start recording your application. In other countries and Europe, one year before submitting the documents, you can begin the process.

Even if you begin preparing your application documents early on, however, you can still be in a position not to compile or apply all of them before the deadline. This is when you need to check for specifics of late applications. The quotas are usually set by universities for the number of people admitted to each specific programme. Some research programmes are also in high demand, so they obtain more applications than the actual number of places available. Application deadlines exist to provide ample time for study boards to review all the applications received and pick the best candidates.

Intake preparation

For study programmes that start in September next year, many universities and graduate schools have deadlines for applications between September and January. However they also prolong the duration until June in many instances. So you'll have to apply at least six months before enrollment, most of the time. Universities often warn prospective students months before the deadline to file their application. So most definitely, the time pressure will increase as the last day approaches for the submission of your papers.

Just check the website of the university or directly contact the university staff to see if they have the so-called 'late applications' alternative. For various purposes, universities hold courses and programmes open for late applicants, primarily to ensure that all available places for a certain study programme are filled.

Adapt your encouragement essay to the situation in case you have skipped the daily submission. The date of your late request is different from the original one because at the moment there are other facts in your life. Tutors expect to see material that applies to the present, so concentrate on your essay of inspiration and make it realistic.  As there is a limited time frame even for late registration, prepare your schedule properly. For instance, if you still need to take the language test, you should take into account that it takes around three weeks for the results to be available and submitted to the university. That's why, several months before you start the application or before the application deadline, you should usually take the language test. Refresh your financial plan. You should have an up-to-date budget, even if there is a late registration tuition fee and the gap from the regular one is minimal.

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