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A quick Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Australia

Written by esc author on 20 Nov 2023 Posted in Blog

Australia has emerged as a highly popular choice for studying abroad, making it one of the top destinations worldwide. Students who have been accepted into Australian universitiesare presented with an exciting opportunity to experience diverse cultures while receiving a world-class education. However, after securing admission, students not only need to navigate the complexities of obtaining a student visa and arranging travel, but they also need to find suitable accommodation in the country. To help with this process, we have created a blog post that offers valuable tips on finding affordable accommodation in Australia. This resource will guide you through the steps and make your search for cheap accommodation much easier.

How can I uncover budget-friendly accommodation options in Australia?

Looking for affordable accommodation in Australia may pose some challenges, but with determination and a focused search, you can find a hidden gem. Here are various types of properties worth exploring to discover cheap accommodation options in Australia.

On-Campus Accommodation:

If you prefer a convenient location near your campus, consider looking into on-campus accommodations offered by your university. Most colleges and universities have halls of residence specifically designed for international students. On-campus accommodation provides a range of services, including daily meals, cleaning, laundry facilities, and fully-furnished rooms. Additionally, living on campus offers the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates and individuals from around the world who reside in the same vicinity. Some on-campus student accommodations even provide economical residential halls with shared rooms for three, four, or five students. To explore this option, reach out to your respective university for more information.

Off-Campus Accommodation:

Opting for off-campus accommodation is a popular choice among students as it offers a wider range of options and greater independence. To begin your search, reach out to your university's student services department, as they can provide valuable guidance and suggest reputable housing agencies. Additionally, you can conduct your own research using various websites. Facebook also hosts housing rental discussion pages specific to different locations, which can be a useful resource.

With off-campus accommodation, students have the flexibility to find a place that fits their budget, making it easier to manage expenses. This freedom allows you to choose a living arrangement that aligns with your financial situation and personal preferences.

Homestay with Aussie Families

Opting for a homestay with an Australian family is another accommodation option worth considering. In this arrangement, international students live with a local Australian family throughout the duration of their degree. Students typically pay their hosts for accommodation and food expenses. Despite these costs, homestays can be regarded as affordable accommodation in Australia, as they offer a comfortable and welcoming environment at a relatively reasonable price. It provides students with the opportunity to experience a home-like atmosphere while being supported by a caring family.

Explore Shared Accommodation

Opting for shared accommodation, such as apartments or houses, can be a financially advantageous choice for international students. By sharing the living space with other students, you not only divide the expenses but also have the opportunity to build new friendships and connections.

Consider Short-Term Alternatives

If you're uncertain about the ideal place to reside, it may be beneficial to seek short-term accommodation options like hostels or temporary rentals. This allows you the freedom to explore various neighborhoods and determine the best long-term rental arrangement without rushing into a decision.

If you're on the hunt for affordable accommodation in Australia to study in Australian universities, it's essential to begin your search well ahead of time. Fortunately, there are numerous online platforms available to help you get started right away.


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