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Study Master of Engineering in Digital Technology in Netherlands

Written by ESC Author on 06 Jul 2022 Posted in Blog

The Netherlands is a highly well-liked place to study. Internationals select this stunning nation because it has some of Europe's top colleges, good living standards, a welcoming population of foreigners, and one of the world's happiest and safest places to live. The extensive selection of engineering degrees provided by universities reflects the Netherlands' international reputation for cutting-edge technologies and engineering solutions. Forget about language hurdles; almost 90% of Dutch people speak English. Bike lanes and the "cycling culture" will also aid in your fitness and well-being, and there are a variety of internships and jobs available to international students.

Prepared to take the lead in the digital transformation? Are you a driven bachelor with a European masters degree in engineering, ICT, or Applied Science who hopes to work in a more general capacity? Would you like to focus on digital technology? Are you prepared to look beyond the apparent in order to use a multidisciplinary approach to resolve challenging problems? Do you intend to start networking right away in the Dutch high-tech sector?

Why pursue a Master of Engineering in Digital Technology?

Major problems like climate change, infectious illnesses, and the exponential advancement of technology do not have simple solutions. A novel approach to digital technology, people, processes, and collaborations is necessary to support the emergence of the smart society and the digital transformation.

Engineers who can deal with high degrees of unpredictability, complexity, interdependencies, and adaptability are needed, as are those who comprehend the ecosystem.

In order to close this gap, you can pursue this innovative Master's programme.

For students with a bachelor's degree in engineering, information technology, or applied science who want to launch their careers and earn their MSc in two years (pre-is master's not necessary), this programme offers direct access.

You are results-driven, able to handle the high levels of flexibility, complexity, and dependency required for the application and integration of digital technology, and you hold a European masters degree. This integration happens when existing products and/or services are innovated as well as when internal production and organizational procedures are altered. You mix your sophisticated technical expertise (hardware, software, and analytical abilities) with your capacity for collaboration and stakeholder analysis to accomplish your objectives.

A few examples of jobs positions include test engineers, business process analysts, process engineers, production engineers, and designers.

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