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How to Handle Common Challenges When Studying Abroad in Europe

Written by Esc Author on 28 Jul 2022 Posted in Blog

Many people believe that studying abroad will be leisurely, including treating yourself to fine dining, nights out, and side trips. Studying abroad in europe, however, is not a holiday; it is actual life. The price of eating out will ultimately add up, the late nights will cause you to oversleep before class, and the pace, in general, may wear you out. Even if you take it easy, you will experience the same daily ups and downs that you do at home when traveling, sometimes exaggerated.

The reality of studying abroad should be added on top of the everyday stress that college students already experience. Your regular support network may be far away and unable to understand your situation.

Since you are most likely in a culture other than your own, you may experience culture shock, a series of emotions that includes both thrill and irritation with your new surroundings. A new culture, a foreign language, different social customs, and unfamiliar foods can make little irritations intolerable.

How to Get Out of a Study Abroad Depression

But don't worry! This is all very normal, and there are numerous methods to improve things. Given the prevalence of social media today, you might feel differently.

Countries that once had restricted internet access are now brimming with wifi hotspots, and with so many individuals abandoning their jobs to travel the world as digital nomads or document their life as online influencers, it's difficult not to believe that international travel is nothing but good vibes and exciting adventures.

Stop using social media.

To others, your Facebook undoubtedly appears just as entertaining and threatening as theirs does to you. Try logging off of social media for a few days or weeks if you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). When you stop continually comparing your life to that of other people, it's remarkable how much better it feels.

Determine the source of your negative emotions.

Finding out what is causing your negative feelings in the first place can help you take control of your experience. Find out what is truly depressing you, and then work to resolve it.

Reconnect with your host nation while keeping an open mind.

On the other side, culture shock can be to blame if you're feeling depressed about your new country. Reconnecting with where you are and the reason you picked it in the first place can help you get over that.

Visit the museum you've been meaning to visit or unwind at the lovely restaurant you noticed when you first arrived. Take some time to truly appreciate the city or town you're in if you've been traveling too much and have been hopping around the nation or region.

Take up thoughtful activities.

Even if they don't give you an adrenalin surge, other pastimes can make you feel better. Reading a fantastic novel set in your host nation, keeping a journal or blog about your experience, and snapping pictures of where you study abroad can all be excellent ways to tie your favorite hobbies into your study abroad experience.

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