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Study Bachelor in Electronic Engineering in Germany

Written by ESC Author on 11 May 2022 Posted in Blog

One of the most significant fields in industry and business is electronics. Electronic engineers educated with free education in germany have a stellar reputation around the world.

The field of electronics is critical in the new digital age, with present application areas such as electric and automated driving.  More than 80% of advances in application fields such as transportation, medical, telecommunications, automation, and smart home are today developed in close collaboration with computer science, which is the only means to construct sophisticated, usually highly interactive systems. 

Bachelor degree in germany

A significant purpose of the bachelor degree in germany in "Electronic Engineering" is to equip you for your professional career as an electronic engineer, as well as the current and future problems that entail it. To reach this goal, the program encourages not only strong interrelationships between electronics and computer science but also a comprehensive understanding of system development. This enables you to use standardized modeling methodologies to construct complex systems in an interdisciplinary manner, as well as to produce design models using common tools and execute them using 3D printing technologies, for example.

Overall, you are provided an education that allows you to do things like:

  •          build simple control engineering systems up to distributed technical systems / cyber-physical systems,
  •          model complicated system behavior from needs through system design and prototypical implementation,
  •          create and implement human-centered systems

Students who complete the "Electronic Engineering" degree program with or without free education in germany are qualified to work in a variety of industries, service providers, and government agencies. Automotive, aviation, rail transportation, industrial automation, components, environmental & power generation technology, medical advances, home automation, light or communications technology, industrial and consumer electronics, microsystems, automation, and transport & logistics are some of the fields of activity in the electrical or transportation industry.

Students who study for a bachelor degree in germany are given the opportunity to take qualified jobs in specialist and management roles in the following typical areas of application: research & innovation, manufacturing, sales and marketing of technical products, service, and project management, due to the obtained technical and interdisciplinary certifications as well as the strong practical relevance of the "Electronic Engineering" program. The program also prepares students for a master's degree, which can lead to a position in academics.

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