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Cyprus – A Hot Destination for studying MBA

Written by Admin on 26 Sep 2019 Posted in Blog

study in cyprus

Cyprus is the southernmost country in Europe, well known for its beautiful sand beaches and long summers. With approximately 7% of domestic GDP spent on schooling, Cyprus, along with Denmark and Sweden, is one of the top three educational investors in the EU. All of its universities offer English courses make this Mediterranean island more popular among the international Students. The higher education sector attracts a lot of international students, with institutions charging relatively modest tuition fees.

At Cypriot universities, there are about 25,000 students studying, and foreigners make up at least one-third of them. The public and private universities offer study programs in different fields from medicine to arts, engineering, and management.

Cyprus ' educational system has its own characteristics. While Cyprus is a member of the EU and the Bologna system, the majority of schools and colleges are based on the American education system.The abundance of MBA programs that meet the requirements of the well-developed local business sector is a cornerstone of Cypriot higher education. Not surprisingly, Hospitality Business and Tourism are the most popular specialties offered by Cyprus universities, although the list of all available programs is by no means limited to those. The programs aim to create wellrounded business leaders who can work with entrepreneurial skills and a clear vision for the future across organizational boundaries in today's business world.

Study in Cyprus

The requirements for an MBA program in Cyprus are standard: excellent English level, Bachelor's degree and at least two years of work experience in the selected sector. The course fees vary depending on the university.

International students in Cyprus may work for a period of up to 20 hours per week, while EU law allows the country to lay down part-time employment rules that reflect its labour market conditions. The estimated living expense of an international student in Cyprus comes around 350 – 550 Euro per month

Banks and holding companies that are important players in international trade are the biggest employers. Universities and business schools have therefore adapted high-quality study programs to this economic reality that offer real employability which in turn increases the scope of employment for the students.

Cyprus is definitely a great option to consider for studying abroad this year with its practically oriented curriculum, high graduate rates, accessible study programs and high living standards.


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