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The Three Most Unexpected Scholarships in Europe

Written by ESC Author on 13 Aug 2022 Posted in Blog

Without a doubt, studying abroad is a really beneficial experience. Meeting new people, pursuing your academic objectives, and immersing yourself in a new environment all advance your development. However, money and funding are always a concern. There will be expenses no matter where you decide to apply, including tuition and lodging. Scholarships in Europe are an extremely valuable type of financial aid in this situation.

If you're concerned about your ability to pay for college, see this list of three unexpected scholarships to learn more about available financing.

As you are surely aware, scholarships are highly desired by prospective students because attending college is not the cheapest option and expenses can quickly mount. Three unique scholarships and bursaries that you probably weren't even aware existed have been discovered after some research. A little bit of investigation into scholarships may wind up saving you a lot of money.

Leverhulme Charity Bursary

students who Study in UK having parents who work as grocers, pharmacists, or commercial travelers may be eligible for up to GBP 3,000 in financial aid. The award can only be used for authorized expenses such as tuition, rent, living expenses, and study materials to study in uk.

The Rolex Scholarship

Have a love for scuba diving? You might be qualified for financial aid for college. The Rolex scholarship offers three scholarships for students in North America, Europe, and Australia. For a year, selected students will collaborate with underwater specialists to obtain experience for their corresponding areas.

Scholarship for Esports

This scholarship can be for you if you consider yourself a passionate player of video games. Those who can demonstrate their dedication to esports will get a GBP 1,500 reward from the University of Roehampton. It appears that playing video games isn't entirely a time waster after all.

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