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Study Business Management in Estonia

Written by ESC Author on 23 Sep 2022 Posted in Blog

Almost 60,000 students study in Estonia, with nearly 3,000 international students. Estonia, one of the "Baltic Tiger" countries, has seen a sharp increase in the number of international students over the past ten years, in part because of its involvement in the Erasmus program.

You will discover all the techniques, ideas, strategies, and tools required to lead a small team or a company to success when you study in Estonia. However, in addition to learning about managerial theory, you will also get practical knowledge and abilities in areas like planning, organization, leadership, control, analytical thinking, decision-making, strategy creation and implementation, human resources, and more.

Business Management in Estonia

The focus of Business Management in Estonia will be managing a small business. The majority of this program will be a true workshop where the student will learn practical applications on how to operate a small business, even if business theories and case studies will be employed. To give students as realistic a vision of entering the business world as possible, real-life issues like finance, taxes, employees, advertising, contractors, inventory, ops, and quality assurance will be used.

The students will lay a strong basis for future business studies or be able to apply these insights immediately to their own budding business initiatives by looking at important strategic decisions made at a number of real, successful small enterprises. A practical business strategy will be taught to the students.

The application cost, textbooks, afternoon/evening social events are all included in the course fee. The price does not include additional costs like travel, meals, lodging, insurance, personal expenses, extra activities (including excursions outside of the city, admission prices, some sporting events, and rentals), or necessary supplies (like a personal laptop).

As a result, you will be qualified to work in the marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources departments of multinational corporations anywhere in the world. You may be able to work in export management if you have a solid foundation in international marketing. Of course, you are free to launch your own business and choose how it develops. There is also always the option to pursue business master's degree and further your specialization in your area of study.

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