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What next after receiving a university offer?

Written by Esc Author on 03 Feb 2022 Posted in Blog

Congratulations if you've recently been offered a place at university! Meeting all of the admission requirements is a difficult task. Now that you've received an offer, it's time to make some decisions and begin the next phase of your study. In any given offer round, you can only get one offer. This will be done for the top course on your list for which you meet all selection requirements. As a result, if you meet all of the selection requirements for your first option, you will receive an offer for that preference. If you are not eligible for your first choice, you will be offered the next highest course on your list for which you do match the eligibility criterion. You have the option of accepting or declining your offer. Some institutions will also allow you to defer your offer.

What are my options?

Accepting your offer:

If you like your offer, you can accept it by enrolling in the course. Please keep in mind that each university has its own enrolment procedures. You should receive information on how to enrol from the relevant university within two days of receiving your offer, as well as the enrolment deadline - if you do not receive this information, contact the institution. Make sure you finish your enrolling before the deadline, or you risk losing your spot in the course. It is important to note that obtaining an offer does not guarantee your enrollment. To secure your spot, you must follow the enrolment procedures issued to you by the university.

Declining your offer:

You do not need to do anything to decline an offer; if you do not enroll in the course by the enrolment deadline, your offer will lapse automatically. However, you should only decline your offer if you are certain that you will not complete the course even if no additional offers are made. Receiving an offer in subsequent offer rounds is not assured; therefore if you do not accept your Round 1 offer and then do not receive another offer in a subsequent round, you may be unable to study at university this year.

Deferring your offer:

Many schools allow you to postpone your offer while still retaining your place at university, allowing you to take a vacation from studying before beginning your programme. The length of time you can defer for varies depending to the institution. It should be noted that not all colleges permit deferment. Check with the relevant institution to find out if it's possible, what you need to do to defer, and what the deadline is.

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