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Best Country to pursue Degree in Hospitality and Tourism

Written by Admin on 21 Nov 2019 Posted in Blog

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Spain is a home to numerous universities and colleges that each year welcomes thousands of foreign students. While you are studying and preparing to become a specialist in your chosen field, by seeing and admiring some really amazing attractions, you will also enrich your cultural horizons. From hot, sandy beaches and blue seas to the Pyrenees ski slopes.

Experience the real attitude of fiesta and enjoy gorgeous, warm Mediterranean weather, Embrace the opportunity to develop your Spanish skills while you are studying and enjoy a comfortable and multicultural environment.

Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists, making it the best place to study Hospitality and tourism for a promising career. The Hospitality and Tourism Management program is designed to give you the skills and techniques you need to become a hotel, conferences, restaurant manager or executive chef.

Hospitality management students will be trained with the necessary skills to execute strategies for business development and quality management. In order to control coordination, preparation and coordinating tasks, they must learn basic organizational skills. Most significantly, students can develop outstanding customer service and communication skills in the hospitality sector.

Most of the universities offer minimum 4-6 internships during the Bachelors and 6 to 8 months internship during the masters in established Hotels and restaurants for a real job opportunity. In most cases, this system is handled by the school to arrange a customized internship whether nationally or internationally for each student.

Hospitality and Tourism

Spain has a lot of public universities where the average fees range from EUR 1,500 to EUR 3,000 per year. Private universities tend to have higher fees for tuition. Your monthly expenses vary depending on the city and the exact location of your apartment. For cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, rent prices are the highest. Choosing a student residence will save you some cash as the room price usually ranges from EUR 400 to EUR 700 per month. For work part-time in Spain, you must apply for a student work permit which will help you to maintain your living.

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