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Make the most out of your study destination abroad

Written by Admin on 04 Mar 2020 Posted in Blog

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The time leading up to your study abroad is a little like being with your country at an online dating romance. The amazing profile, the beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture and the various pictures you see online can make you be in love at first. You would be able stop thinking about the city you're going to, and imagining all the fantastic things that you're doing there. Then the day comes to actually step into the slice of heaven that you've been dreaming of for months.

Unfortunately, the result you thought it would be may not probably be the same. They didn't tell you that it would be loud, or that the shops aren’t close by. They didn't tell you that from every window in the city you don't have the perfect picture view. You would be having high expectations, the country wasn’t as you expected. Your destination for studying abroad may not always fit the image you pictured in your mind, but that doesn't mean you should let this ruin your journey.

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For even a seasoned traveler, the transition into a new city is tough. So what do you have to do if you don't believe your destination suits your mental images?

  •          You've got to clear all your expectations about the country at first. It is quite difficult but make sure to get rid of all of them. Expect absolutely nothing and be amazed by everything that happens.
  •          Second, find 5 things that you love about your destination when you're there. Whether it's how much you enjoy dog walkers everywhere, or the fact that every morning you find the best tea there, etc. Find something you love.
  •          Chat about it! You are definitely are not the only person feeling like that and talking it out with others will make you know that you are not alone.
  •          Eventually, find reasons why all the things that drive you nuts would ultimately benefit you. This will make you appreciate your destination much more. It may even spark a fire that you never knew you had! Bring every good out of it.

Thus, while flying abroad for your future studies you can't predict how your trip will be like. But you're in charge of how you deal with it. A positive attitude, even if you feel hopeless, can make you go a long way. When you stay positive and give it a chance your life may turn out to be even better than your dreams, though your trip may not be as you expected beforehand.

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