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Navigating Slovenia Higher Education: A Guide to the eVŠ Online Portal

Written by ESC author on 01 Apr 2024 Posted in Blog

In Slovenia, accessing higher education is made simpler and more transparent through the eVŠ online portal. This digital platform serves as a comprehensive resource for prospective and current students, offering essential information on higher education institutions, study programs, admission calls, and student rights and benefits. Let's explore the wealth of resources available on the eVŠ portal and how it empowers students in Slovenia Higher Education.

Slovenia Higher Education

Accessing Vital Information:

The eVŠ portal serves as a centralized hub for accessing crucial data on higher education institutions and study programs in Slovenia. Prospective students can explore detailed information about accreditation, curriculum, and admission requirements, empowering them to make informed decisions about their educational path.


Calls for Admission and Applications:

One of the key features of the eVŠ portal is its provision of admission calls and application processes. Here, students can find upcoming admission opportunities, submit their applications for enrollment, and apply for residence permits if needed. The portal streamlines these administrative processes, ensuring a seamless experience for applicants to study in Slovenia.


Student Rights and Benefits:

Understanding their rights and entitlements is essential for students. The eVŠ portal offers comprehensive information on student status and the associated rights, including access to scholarships, transportation subsidies, healthcare benefits, and more. Students can also learn about their academic rights, such as options for repeating years, changing majors, or pursuing parallel education programs.


Student Card:

The student card is a tangible symbol of student status. Through the eVŠ portal, students can obtain and manage their student cards, which are valid for the duration of their enrollment in a study program. This card serves as proof of student status and grants access to various student benefits and services.


Empowering Students:

By providing easy access to essential information and services, the eVŠ portal empowers students to navigate their higher education journey with confidence. Whether they are researching study programs, applying for admission, or seeking information on their rights and benefits, the portal serves as a valuable resource for students at every stage of their academic career.


The eVŠ online portal plays a pivotal role in facilitating access to higher education in Slovenia. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features empower students to make informed decisions, manage administrative tasks, and access essential resources with ease. As students embark on their educational journey, the eVŠ portal stands as a beacon of support and guidance, ensuring that every student can thrive in their pursuit of knowledge and achievement.



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