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Do your Internship Abroad & Your Career Will Thank You!

Written by ESC admin on 28 Nov 2019 Posted in Blog

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If you are considering applying for internships, you may not immediately think about searching for opportunities abroad. Of course, it's not an easy choice to leave the comforts of your home and move to a foreign place, but the incentives you will get will help make the decision much easier. Interning abroad is an opportunity for the growth of international and technical skill sets, educational credit, and living in a new country. While immersed in a new city's traditions, culture, and cuisine, you can work in the field of your choice, receive guidance and support from world-class faculty and professionals.

Internship and Abroad

First of all, nothing can expand your mind than living in a different world. Furthermore, when living abroad, you are likely to travel further. Many students think they are special simply because they have a good degree or they have studied at a good university. The reality is there are a million other great students just like you with a good degree from top universities. You're all the same on paper (and in reality) for a potential employer. So what are you going to do to stand out from the crowd? Nonetheless, getting an experience abroad on your curriculum vitae will give you a higher chance of being called for an interview.

Going abroad for your internship is a great way where you can develop a great network of like-minded colleagues, mentors, educators, and students just by working and interning. Consider developing a similar network now — only in a completely different location! You can build a group of foreign peers and experts by interning abroad that you can meet for years to come.

It can be daunting to decide to go and live abroad for a few months or years, but without a doubt, it will be the best choice in your life. Another bonus to do an internship abroad is that you will become truly independent, as you are most likely to be all alone in a foreign country.

Therefore, with the ability to learn a new language, travel the globe and make endless international friends, it is not possible to emphasize enough the advantages of an internship abroad. Above all, the best part of everything? You will get to travel and you're not going to stop...

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