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A Guide to Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK

Written by esc aithor on 01 Dec 2023 Posted in Blog

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom is not only an academic journey but also an opportunity to gain
valuable work experience. International students often seek part-time employment to support their
finances and enhance their skills. However, it's crucial to understand the regulations and explore the
right avenues. Here's a comprehensive guide to part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

International students work in the UK, and where to find part-time jobs and resources for success

Understanding Work Regulations:
"How many hours can I work?" is a common question for international students. The regulations vary
based on your student visa and the level of your academic program. Full-time students can work up to
20 hours a week during the semester and full-time during university breaks. However, if you study full-
time below a degree level, the limit is 10 hours per week. These regulations are outlined on your visa, so
it's essential to read and understand the conditions carefully. Remember, as an international student,
you cannot be self-employed; a formal contract from your employer is required. Some universities may
also impose additional working restrictions, so be sure to check those before applying for a job.
Where to Look for Work:
Finding a job in the UK requires dedication, but numerous resources can assist you in your search. Start
by visiting the career center at your university, where you can get valuable assistance with resume
building and job interview tips. Most universities also have job boards that list available positions.
Additionally, several online job portals cater specifically to students, such as StudentJob, indeed,
Monster, etc. These platforms feature a wide array of jobs suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and
doctoral students.
Here, we explore 6 part-time job opportunities that are suitable for international students in the UK.
1. Retail Assistant:
Working in retail is a popular choice for students. Whether in a clothing store, electronics shop, or
grocery store, retail jobs provide excellent customer service experience and flexibility with work hours.
2. Hospitality and Catering:
Restaurants, cafes, and hotels often have part-time positions available. From waitstaff to kitchen
assistants, these roles allow international students to develop communication skills and work in a fast-
paced environment.
3. Administrative Assistant:
Universities, offices, and businesses often hire administrative assistants for various tasks. This role can
involve data entry, answering phones, and general office support, offering students exposure to a
professional work environment.
4. Event Staff:
Work as an event staff member for concerts, conferences, or sports events. This role provides a dynamic
work environment and allows you to be part of exciting events while earning extra income.
5. Online Tutoring or Virtual Assistance:

With the rise of online platforms, international students can offer tutoring or virtual assistance services
remotely. Websites like Chegg Tutors or Upwork provide opportunities to connect with students or
businesses seeking online support.
6. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer:
If you have a passion for fitness, consider becoming a part-time fitness instructor or personal trainer.
Gyms and fitness centers often hire individuals for evening and weekend shifts.
Academic Part-Time Jobs:
1. Research Assistant:
For those seeking a more academic experience, becoming a research assistant at your university offers a
chance to contribute to ongoing projects and gain research skills.
2. Part-Time Teaching Jobs:
Postgraduate students or those pursuing a Ph.D. can apply for part-time teaching positions. This allows
you to share your knowledge in tutorials, reinforcing your own understanding while earning income.
Tips for Job Seekers:
Balance Work and Study:
Ensure that your part-time job doesn't interfere with your academic responsibilities. Prioritize your
studies while taking advantage of the valuable work experience.
Network and Seek Guidance:
Attend networking events, career fairs, and workshops organized by your university. Build connections
with professionals in your field and seek guidance from academic advisors.
Utilize University Resources:
Utilize the resources provided by the career center at your university. They can provide crucial insights
into the job market, offer personalized advice, and help you prepare for job applications and interviews.
Stay Informed about Visa Regulations:
Stay informed about any updates or alterations to visa regulations. Compliance is essential to ensure a
smooth academic and professional journey in the UK.
Explore Graduate Routes:
Familiarize yourself with the Graduate route, understanding how it works, eligibility criteria, and the
application process. This information can be pivotal as you transition from student life to post-
graduation opportunities.
In conclusion, navigating part-time employment opportunities as an international student in the UK
requires awareness of regulations, proactive engagement with university resources, and diligent use of
online job portals. By staying informed and utilizing available support services, you can make the most of

your study abroad experience and lay the groundwork for a successful career. For more information on
the Graduate route and additional insights, explore our blog.

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