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Written by ESC Admin on 11 Apr 2019 Posted in Blog

study in austria

Austria is a wonderful country located in Central Europe, with a focus on offering quality higher education. Universities in Austria are well-developed and provide you with a great experience. As well as this, Austria is a beautiful, advanced and cultured country, in the perfect location for international students who wish to do some exploring in their downtime. Bordered entirely by other countries, Austria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union. Home to over 8.8 million people, the country is consistently named as one of the richest countries in the world in GDP terms. Austria has developed a high standard of living, and declared its perpetual neutrality in foreign political affairs in 1955. The country lies within the Alps, making it highly mountainous. With a long and impressive history, Austria has many tourist attractions, and something for every person. The cities are modern and developed, with a high-income economy; perfect for international students looking for a metropolitan experience. The countryside is littered with amazing scenery and provides entertainment for the most adventurous of people, with skiing and hiking being popular past-times.

Study in austria

Austria’s commitment to international students is reflected in the fair tuition fees and rise in enrolling students since reforms. As well as the chance to study at world ranked higher education institutions, you will also be able to pick up the German language. German is the first language of 100 million people worldwide, and joining those people would open up some great further study and employment opportunities!

Austria has a long history of outstanding higher education, with some of Europe’s finest philosophers, scientists and writers having worked and lived here. Vienna in particular has a long tradition of academic achievement. Almost all students reviewing their experience of studying in Austria agree that the country provides great cultural richness and diversity, as well as an unforgettable social experience for foreign students. The impression students had about Austrian city life, activities and cultural experience are above average compared to other countries in Europe. Many of them also said they enjoyed the various opportunities to develop their German language skills, either through social interaction or in academic settings. Costs of living will vary in Austria, with prices in the cities in keeping with other large European cities. Many places will offer discounts and sales, including special discounts for students, and you may want to consider budgeting costs to keep from overspending. And it is compulsory for all international students to take health insurance after entering Austria. Students can take insurance from Austrian student union. This is the ultimate insurance of student health and belongings which is of course a good thing to consider. The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) is the main resource for students who are looking for housing. They provide assistance in finding student housing in flats and residence halls. The International office at each university is another resource for those interested in finding private accommodations. Austria’s low tuition costs, focus on promoting Germany proficiency, diverse university programs, and rich landscape and culture clearly answer the question of, “Why study in Austria?”




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