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Education system in Poland

Written by ESC Author on 01 May 2022 Posted in Blog

Private schools and colleges make up a significant portion of the Polish higher education sector. There are approximately 310 private colleges and universities and 138 public colleges and universities in the city. This has resulted in unusual competitiveness, resulting in Poland having lower costs for considering than many other European countries to study in abroad. The higher education system is of great quality, and all of the top universities offer English-language projects in fields such as medical, engineering, humanities, business, and finance. Currently, more than 100 institutions of higher learning in Poland offer English-language study programs. The Bologna Process has seen Poland play an active role. The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) allows students to be geographically mobile and continue their education in a variety of locations.

Polish Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's degree programs are taught in Polish, and you will be required to demonstrate your proficiency in the language. There are, nevertheless, many English-taught Bachelor's degree opportunities to study in poland. To demonstrate your English language ability and secure admission to the university of your choosing, you will need to take the TOEFL language test.

Polish Master’s Degree

In Poland, a Master's degree, often known as a magister program, lasts 2 years and offers 90-120 ECTS credits. You can pursue Ph.D. studies after completing a Master's degree. Master's degree programs in Poland use a mix of group discussions, independent research, group, and individual assignments, and practical laboratory tests, if the discipline allows it. In Poland, a large variety of Master's degrees are available, many of which are offered in English.

Long-term studies in the Polish educational system

Long-cycle programs are available in several fields of study in poland. Acting, arts, law, dentistry, medicine, photography, and production, as well as pharmacy, psychiatry, and veterinary medicine, are among them. Programs in these academic subjects can last up to six years and require the completion of 270-360 ECTS credits to obtain a Master's degree (magister).


Enrolling in a long-cycle integrated program entails learning both the fundamentals of your field as well as gaining a specialization. As a result, it is equivalent to combining a Bachelor's and a Master's degree.

Ph.D. degrees are available in Poland.

In Poland, a Ph.D. takes three to four years to complete, and you must have completed a Master's degree program to be eligible. Universities and research institutions, such as the Polish Academy of Science departments, grant Ph.D. degrees.

Doctorate degrees are available to all students in Poland at no cost! As a Ph.D. researcher, you will be given free education in europe with a stipend and paid a regular wage throughout your studies. The sum is determined by your evaluation, the institution, and the field of study.

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