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How to get rid of the Reverse Culture shock

Written by ESC Admin on 09 Nov 2019 Posted in Blog

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Once your back to your home county after studying abroad your view of the world has shifted and you've changed in every way. The idea of life in your perspective after study abroad might seem unimaginable. You've learned so many new things in your host country, and gained some new perspectives on life. However, many people don't realize that returning home can be challenging. In fact, the feeling of returning home from a study abroad experience is referred to as reverse culture shock. Every person experiences a different kind of culture shock on returning home. Some may feel lonely, while others may feel disoriented and frustrated. Here are some ways on how you can live an inspired life after studying abroad.

Keep in contact with friends you made while studying abroad

The friendships that you make while studying abroad does not have to end just because you are returning home. It's worthwhile to keep those connections strong. You can continue to keep in touch with your host family and classmates by writing letters, exchanging home town gifts or by messaging or video calling them just to see how they doing. Let them know what you've been doing ever since you've got back home. You can even make plans to visit them to keep those memories alive.

Plan activities: Get involved in activities in your area; invite your friends and family to come join you. If you have picked up a hobby abroad, continue doing it. One of the important things you may have missed while studying abroad is experiencing new activities with your loved ones. Spend time with others who share your passions by joining an international or language club. You will be amazed by how many people are interested in the same activity as you.

Continue to travel abroad: Just because your study abroad program has ended, does not mean you can't continue to travel abroad. You can sign up for a volunteer program to keep the cultural exchange flowing or take up a summer internship abroad.

Reconnect with old friends: Take a trip down memory lane, revisit your favourite spots with your friends and make new memories. Visit art shows, museums, and historic sites in the area. Planning a weekend away with your friends is also a great idea, this way they can fill you in on their latest news and happenings.

Live in the moment: Seek out adventures, visit places you've always wanted to see but never got around to. Visit friends who stay in different cities, this way you will be able to experience and explore new places. Be spontaneous, go trekking, and get up to watch the sunrise. Live in the present without thinking about your next move.

Keep learning: Maintain the same thirst for new knowledge you had when studying abroad. You can also keep yourself updated by catching up on the latest news from your host country. You can also rent some books from the library, or browse through some travel blogs. You may learn something you never learnt in the classroom. This way you can continue living your study abroad life.

Take some time to reflect: Considering study abroad programs are often fast paced, there may have been times when you couldn't process it all. All of your time spent studying abroad will leave you with a lifetime of memories, now that you are back home you can sit back, relax and reflect on your experiences.

Combine your experience with a future career: Your study abroad experience may also provide you with insight into a new career. There are a lot of jobs out there that will allow you to put your new skills to use. Employers look to hire people with real international experience. Having studied in foreign culture will awaken your senses and led you to new understandings and personal growth. Aim to combine your knowledge and experience of studying abroad, and implement them into your day to day life. It may seem daunting at first, but think of ways on how you can be beneficial to these employers, into a career that you will also find fulfilling.

Embrace the change in you: The most profound difference upon your return will be in yourself. There is no denying how studying abroad changes you from the person you were when you first left your home country to the person you are now. Embrace the change and continue being the new you.

Keep an open mind: Keeping an open mind is just what you need to have just as much fun back home as you did when studying broad. Although studying abroad is an incredible experience, the adjustment process can be a huge part about how you feel about your overall experience.


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