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Written by ESC Admin on 27 May 2021 Posted in Blog

Study abroad

These three factors can help your application go from good to outstanding. An overseas student needs more than outstanding grades (though they surely help) to get into their dream course at their ideal institution. Because personal statements are scrutinized through hundreds – if not thousands – of university applications, making yours stand out is crucial. So, how can you write a strong personal statement that makes you the clear pick for your school? With this in mind, here are three crucial areas to concentrate on if you want to get into the University of your Choice.

1. Extra reading 

The first step is to demonstrate that you are passionate about your chosen subject beyond what you are learning in college or high school. Examining the reading lists available online is a wonderful method to display your intellectual curiosity and eagerness to engage with the topics in your specific course. These are frequently available on the website of your prospective university. In addition, you should try to read extensively debated books in your chosen topic. Beyond this, search for critical opinions (supportive, opposing, or mixed) on significant works to gain a feel of the debates taking place in your field. It will help your application and will offer you a better sense of how you can help them. It's also a good idea to subscribe to relevant periodicals and journals. You can't go wrong if you stay informed and up to da

2. Participation and collaboration

Your personal statement should also show that you are enthusiastic about your chosen area and willing to participate in it rather than merely learn about it. Visiting museums, galleries, and other areas of interest is a wonderful method to do so. If you want to learn modern foreign languages, you may travel to the country where your chosen language is spoken; if you want to learn about architecture, you should visit important buildings and landmarks. Don't just tell them about your enthusiasm; show them. Joining a society or organization relevant to your future degree is another simple approach to do so. Attending lectures is also a good approach to stand out throughout the application process. Find out whether your institution or college hosts presentations or conducts research about local events.

3. Self-development

Finally, universities want to see that you can work independently. Taking a massive open online course (MOOC) can demonstrate your commitment to learning and, in many cases, will result in a certificate once you've completed it. This tiny investment of effort can help you strengthen your personal statement. Otherwise, consider participating in tournaments to demonstrate your ability to other pupils.

To summarize

Completing a personal statement might be difficult for overseas students. Even without the following extracurricular, getting your English language levels to the required quality and keeping outstanding grades might be difficult. Furthermore, some international students come from cultures where questioning important concepts is uncommon, and they may be hesitant to participate in debates or activities that require public speaking.

However, a higher education institution must recognize that you are serious about your studies. You'll be rewarded if you look for methods to participate in your chosen subject area, collaborate with others, and deepen your own learning.


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