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Study Advertising, PR and Marketing in Australia

Written by ESC Admin on 25 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in australia

Advertising, PR and marketing is all about providing creative ways of promoting specific products, companies or initiatives. You need to be able to think creatively and manage campaigns effectively. If you study an advertising degree abroad you will look at the theory behind advertising and different strategies companies use to promote their products, how branding works, social media and the ethical side to advertising and marketing. Courses in Australia will often look at ownership of media channels and the effects of digital technology on the media with modules on Smartphone culture, social media and online advertising.

PR and Marketing in Australia

Advertising, PR and marketing has become an essential part of how businesses work. You will be expected to combine research, planning and management with creativity to develop the best possible campaigns for your clients. Universities in Australia will expect you to have some understanding of how advertising campaigns work, as well as the ability to think creatively about how you would promote certain products.

Choosing to study advertising, PR and marketing degree in Australia will give you a portfolio of work and the key skills required to start your career in industry. You should also make use of as many work experience opportunities as possible, as this will give you the chance to make more contacts in your industry. Alongside your lectures, you should expect a strong practical element to degrees in this sector, with a focus on building up a portfolio of work and experience. Advertising and marketing studies incorporates aspects of social sciences and the humanities in looking at how human beings communicate with each other. Some of the key skills you can expect to gain from studying an advertising, PR and marketing degree abroad include Communication and interpersonal skills, Negotiation skills, Creativity Project management, Ability to work to deadlines, Attention to detail and accuracy.

Students with a postgraduate degree in media studies can choose to work in a variety of jobs ranging from working in television channels in production and reporting to working in movies in writing scripts and production design. A number of students go on to work in newspapers and magazines as feature writers and sub-editors. Thus, Advertising, PR and marketing is great option to opt for studying in Australia.

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