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Written by ESC Author on 30 Jun 2021 Posted in Blog

Many people have preconceived notions about studying abroad. Fortunately, it has been dispelled here, and the truth about everything from over-packing to homesickness and all in between has been revealed!

The dispelling myths about studying abroad are:

  •          That before you leave, you'll need to load everything into your suitcase

It's difficult to bring every pair of shoes or shirt you possess with you. The truth is that packing too much will just result in a larger fee when it comes time to check it all at the airport. You're unlikely to wear the majority of the items you pack anyway. Shouldn't you spare some room for souvenirs and clothing purchased while travelling? When it comes to packing, think in terms of layers and outfits. Choose items that can be worn in any season. Most essential, if you're a lady, leave your heels at home. Guaranteed, you'll never wear these.

  •          That you won't miss home or components of it that you didn't think you'd miss

Living and being in your own country seems so convenient and easy, but that's because you've spent at least two decades becoming adjusted to your own culture's conventions. Outside of academics, cultural awareness and novelty are an important element of studying abroad. However, it might be challenging to become acquainted with a different set of cultural standards than your own, especially if you are unfamiliar with them. You learn not to take your culture for granted in any way.

  •          You'll have a lot of studying to complete

Despite what the name of the school activity suggests, you won't be doing much studying when you study abroad. Your parents know it, as do your pals back home, and your lecturers are well aware of it. So, while you won't be partying every weekend or sipping sangria on a villa balcony, you should keep in mind that studying abroad is more about absorption, trade, and experience than anything else. There's only so much sitting at a desk or reading a textbook on a new area can do for you when you're seeing there for the first time. When you're travelling, the destination becomes your classroom, and the greatest way to study is to make the most of your new surroundings.

  •          That you will not have any sad or negative days

It's vital to remember that not every aspect of studying abroad will be sunny and rainbows. To put it plainly, you'll miss your house. You're going to break down. You'll have unpleasant days and homesick feelings. It's unavoidable and part of the process. Don't worry, homesickness can be overcome. It's completely acceptable to feel this way. It's also crucial to remember that study abroad isn't a long-term commitment, and your experience is only as wonderful as you make it. If it makes you feel better, remember that when nostalgia strikes and you find yourself reminiscing about your time overseas months later, the only bits you'll remember are the pleasant ones, so try to create as many of those "feel good" moments as possible.

  •          That you'll be an entirely different person when you return

There's no denying that studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You not only learn a lot about the new place you've moved to for a few months, but you also learn a lot about yourself and who you are. While going abroad throughout one's academic career is advantageous, that does not mean that when you return home, you will have transformed into a completely new person. Your values and aspirations will most likely change, but your general self will stay the same as it was before you left. No matter where you travel, the essential essence of you will always be deep inside.

  •          That you'll return as the same person.

Despite the fact that you will not return as a completely different person, you will not necessarily be the same person. You may believe that the people in your life have changed, but this is most often not the case. Your family is the same as before. Your buddies have remained the same. It was you who had a one-of-a-kind experience that exposed you to a world that folks back home did not have access to. You'll have made new acquaintances in another country, created fresh memories in your thoughts, and seen or done things that others haven't. And that's fairly unique. Time and experience have a profound effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Studying abroad has a similar effect. Embrace it.

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