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Study Abroad or an Overseas Internship Program: 5 Top reasons for doing both

Written by Admin on 19 Mar 2020 Posted in Blog

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How do you choose between an internship abroad and a study abroad program? One offers college credit, an opportunity to take your university classes at an exotic location with the locals, and contributes to graduation requirements. The other provides invaluable knowledge to spice up the training and help you stand out as a career candidate. When it comes to study abroad or intern abroad, how are you supposed to make a decision? With study abroad and internship programs, you don’t have to!

Students constantly need to adapt to the current state of the economy and the job market. That’s why some providers have begun offering various programs where students can study and intern abroad. Now, students have the opportunity to earn academic credit and participate in tailored internships while studying abroad. They can find placements specific to their academic and professional needs in increasing locations around the world!

How do study abroad internship programs work?

“Should I intern while studying abroad?” you ask? The answer is absolutely. Most companies offer the option of adding internships to an overseas experience. Students usually spend a portion of their time abroad in classrooms in some programs with study and internship elements, followed by (or in some cases, combined with) an internship placement.

What's the difference between internship and study abroad?

Students spend a semester, school year, summer, or short-term session abroad in a typical international study program studying a variety of subjects related to their main field of study or program emphasis. That form of program allows students to earn a comparable number of credits as they would earn if they had remained at their home campus. The longer the term abroad lasted, the more credits they received. An international internship is an invaluable opportunity to build your resume with a unique and challenging professional development opportunity. While it is almost commonplace for college students to intern during the summer in the U.S., an internship abroad can serve as a differentiator in the professional environment when it comes time to job hunt after graduation.

Why do internships while studying abroad?

What's more impressive about a resume than an internship in a hometown? One that you completed abroad, of course! Doing internships while studying abroad allows you to gain job experience and get a taste of what it’s like to work in your chosen field.

It will open you up to new experiences, get you out of your comfort zone, and put you on the path toward a satisfying career. Here are five main reasons why the best option for many students to do a mix of study and interns abroad:

1. Moving overseas for the internship shows additional initiative

2. Gain competences for the global economy

3. Make worldwide connections

4. You have more interesting, special alternatives for internship placement

5. An internship abroad will guide you in the right direction

Study abroad or an overseas internship? Our answer is — both! Ultimately, students can choose what program choice fits best for their budget, route to college graduation, career goals and preferences for venue. Participating in a program that incorporates study abroad and internship abroad will prove to be a valuable contribution to an overseas experience and a significant point of discussion on your curriculum vitae.

Whether you choose an individual internship abroad or pursue internships while studying abroad, an international professional experience can be a life-changing opportunity!

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