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Is it Smart to Use Your University's Career Services?

Written by ESC Admin on 06 Jul 2020 Posted in Blog

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A large number of university students (native as well as international) refuse to make use of one especially valuable tool open to them during their studies- the career services of their university! Most major universities will have a dedicated professional team whose job is to chat over the future of their students. You will need to find your way and get on the right track by including self-assessments, fairs, conferences, and seminars.

Through discussions and self-assessments

Through discussions and self-assessments, the career-service team can help you explore your skills, interests, and qualifications to narrow down the seemingly infinite career paths that you could take and help you find a way to go. They will educate you on the right way to handle these professions, the qualifications you will need, any extra-curricular qualifications or hobbies that may make it easier to find a job after you graduate, and where to find work!

The career center at your university would be the perfect place to go to talk about local and overseas internships or work placement opportunities In order to discuss these resources, businesses and organizations that are actively searching for student interns are likely to contact university job centers. The job center will bring you in touch with the supervisors, and also help you create an app. Career fairs offer an opportunity to network with a range of prospective employers, discover the options and gain useful insight into different professions and industries.

Another useful support provided by a job center at a university is helping you locate and train for interviews. They can help you with all kinds of valuable things, such as building your CV and writing a compelling cover letter. We can also hold seminars or mock interviews to improve the presenting skills and raise morale in an interview environment. It may also help the professors or university personnel receive certificates or references to promote the submission. Those are just some of the essential programs provided by the University career center to all its graduates, regardless of age, class, ethnicity, education or financial condition. It is never too early to start considering your options in your studies, but it can be too late. So if you need information, help or a bit of career inspiration, do not hesitate to book a consultation with the career service at your university. They’re there right in front of you, so use them!


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