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Using study abroad to your benefit in career search

Written by ESC Admin on 12 Aug 2020 Posted in Blog

Study in Europe

Studying abroad has the power to transform your life and offer unexpected new ideas on your choice of subject and job concentration. Even if you made the decision to go abroad without any consideration as to how it might affect your career, it has been shown that the experience is linked to career choices made years after graduation.

Abroad internships and service-learning provide interesting opportunities

Abroad internships and service-learning provide interesting opportunities for developing essential knowledge and abilities, but studying abroad offers other additional advantages that you can exploit. When you thoroughly evaluate and examine the outcomes of your time overseas, you may want to do more than simply apply the insight to the curriculum vitae itself.

The most crucial lesson you'll know is that employers do not put some special importance on the fact that you've learned abroad; however they'll admire how well you’re describing how your experience abroad has strengthened the business or organization’s essential skills and competencies. It's clear that not every company is searching for workers to speak a foreign language or have a "world outlook," yet if you've opted to learn overseas, there's a high possibility that you're going to work somewhere that your international background is respected and can offer you a competitive advantage.

You need to develop a purposeful career quest approach, and create a deliberate game plan to effectively push the quest forward. There are crucial steps that you can take to find employers whose intent and priorities are consistent with your values. You should also develop a networking approach that will take you to speak to students, relatives and friends — on campus and in the community — who will be able to offer useful feedback and knowledge about the area that concerns you.

Networking is about creating strategic linkages. Develop a plan, stick to it, give yourself time to identify individuals with whom you want to communicate, create a message, follow up, and keep up with it. A job hunt takes planning, particularly time to plan and prioritize the activities you need to perform month after month after you finish your degree, which you don't have a lot of. Do not wait until the graduation is around the corner — once you return from studying abroad to the school, get going

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