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Written by ESC Author on 29 Jun 2022 Posted in Blog

Duolingo is a platform created to make learning languages simple and comfortable. You can use this app to very quickly learn a new language if you plan to study abroad in any place with a foreign tongue. You may learn many different languages using the app, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and many more. The first time you use the application, all you have to do is choose the language you wish to study.

Duolingo takes use of the "gamification" principle, which means it delivers the courses in a fashion that resembles playing a game. As you finish lessons, you get experience points; however, if you make a mistake, you lose heart. Duolingo makes an effort to make language learning fun. This app is very useful for you if you wish to study abroad in nations like Spain, France, Italy, etc. and you need to learn their language to get by.

Any language you're interested in knowing can be learned using Duolingo. Additionally, it is completely free and has an appealing aesthetic style. As a result, you can start using this application to learn new languages rather than engaging a personal tutor once more. The developers of this application are constantly searching for novel approaches to keep users faithful.

It is most suitable for those who are starting to learn a new foreign language and have aspirations of study abroad in europe. In contrast to the typical dull, drawn-out films, Duolingo is a fun, user-interactive application that plays like a game and gives you points for perfect answers while deducting points for incorrect answers. 

The following are some benefits of Duolingo:

Cost: The entire app is completely free.

Visuals: Duolingo makes extensive use of pictures and other symbols that, in reality, have the same effect as words and aid in helping you visualize and recall what you've already learned.

Clear overview: Duolingo is incredibly easy to use, and the various themes, settings, and capabilities are all readily apparent.

Audio- Phrases and words you discover are always spoken loudly. To develop your speaking abilities, there are also recorded practice sessions.

Studying: If you are unsure about the meaning or translation of a term in a translation task, you can look it up online. Every task includes an explanation of grammar rules.

Effectiveness and utility: You can repeat or undo specific exercises to refine the abilities you have previously acquired. You can review what you've already learned.

Motivation-Duolingo is like an entertaining game. When you meet your daily goals and targets, you are congratulated. All the best for your study abroad in europe.


There is a lot of vocabulary. Not much else, though.

The online language learning applications put a lot of emphasis on expanding your vocabulary and aid in word learning through repetition. If you only utilize applications like Duolingo to learn a foreign language, however, you may find it difficult to develop your grammar, phonetics, reading comprehension, etc. For instance, a student learning Spanish with Duolingo has a wide vocabulary but has trouble understanding complex texts that depend more on cultural awareness or are more complex.

No Customization

These language learning applications are unable to tailor the learning process to your needs because they adhere to a strict teaching methodology. Additionally, if you have already mastered a certain aspect of the language, you cannot skip steps or slow down the process to concentrate more on a concept that you have not yet fully understood. In a language school, you are constantly interacting with a teacher who may readily assist you build strengths.

The Duolingo test is now accepted by more than 1700 universities. Prior to take the exam, international students must do extensive research on which universities recognise the Duolingo test.

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