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Written by ESC Author on 25 Jun 2021 Posted in Blog

We've all seen the news and are aware of the current global scenario, so we need to find effective solutions to study or work from home. Online courses are often more convenient and less expensive than traditional on-campus courses. When you're at home, however, concentrating can be challenging; whether you have a charming cat that requires your attention, or you simply need to wash the dishes or do your laundry.

Here are some helpful hints for staying focused on your studies while taking classes from home:

  •          Create a study schedule

Make a daily schedule for logging into your online classes. Use an alarm clock, a calendar, or whichever method works best for you. It's critical to keep track of your time. You may have certain regular lecture periods that you must attend, but you should also schedule time for review on your own. This is especially true if you have to evaluate some of the course content independently.

  •          Use calendars, post-it notes and reminders

Structure is required for online learning. Make a study calendar to help you remember all of the crucial exam dates and due dates for your assignments. Your calendar can be saved to your computer or mobile device. If you're more of a visual learner, you can even make a wall planner that you can mark up and check every time you study.

  •          Take advantage of productivity apps

We are living in the digital era. Whatever you need to accomplish, there's almost certainly an app that can do it for you or make it much easier. These amazing productivity extensions and apps make learning and working a lot easier. They assist you in keeping track of your progress, organizing projects, setting reminders, and making other apps perform the way you want them to.

  •          Find a routine that works for you

Try to schedule the important chores of the day while you're still enjoying your morning coffee. Decide when you'll study, when you'll take breaks, and how you'll reward yourself for each activity accomplished using your preferred time management tool or sticky notes. Make sure your daily routine isn't too far from what you'd do on a normal day outside of quarantine. Dress as if you're going to work or classes. Your internet presence is important, and you may need to use your camera during meetings or phone conversations.

  •          Create a dedicated study space

Create a space that you just use for studying or working; this will make it easier for you to get into a productive mindset. This should not be your bed or sofa, no matter how tempting it is. I realize they're nice places to sit and warm up with your laptop, but they're not conducive to productivity.

See? Studying at home does not have to be tedious or time-consuming. You can mix and match our ideas with your own to create a schedule that would make even the most prolific businesses envious. Remember to take regular breaks and to spend your free time doing things that make you happy. It might be anything from cooking to video games to completing an online course. There are a lot of activities you can do during the quarantine to help you develop on all levels, so take advantage of it.

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