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What’s funded Through DAAD Scholarships?

Written by ESC Author on 09 Nov 2021 Posted in Blog

DAAD scholarships support a variety of programmes at various degree levels. A monthly stipend or lump payment to cover living expenses, a travel allowance, and health and liability insurance are all part of the funding package. Scholarship recipients in pricey cities can even qualify for an additional monthly rent subsidy.

DAAD provides an allowance for accompanying family members of family to anyone travelling with family.

Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduate DAAD opportunities include support for a 3-4 week summer course at a German university (Summer Course Grant) or a 10-week to 6-month internship in Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences (RISE Germany). While certain German abilities are required for Summer Course Grant studies, all internships are offered in English. To be eligible to apply, students must be at least sophomores. Both funding options are available to international students.

Graduate Students:

Anyone interested in pursuing a master's degree in Germany should look into the Study Scholarship for All Disciplines, which funds a full master's degree programme at a German university or a study abroad year at a German university as part of a postgraduate or master's degree programme completed in the home country. Students from all disciplines are eligible to apply, thus your BS/BA degree is acceptable. International students are also eligible to apply if they meet all of the other conditions. Artists and musicians can apply for the Study Scholarship for Artistic Fields. Students must be either in their final year of undergraduate studies or have graduated within the last six years to be eligible for a DAAD study scholarship to fund a master's degree.

Ph.D. Students and Researchers:

Germany is an excellent destination for international Ph.D. students and researchers, as it has some of the top science research facilities in the world. The DAAD funds both short-term and long-term research in all academic subjects. Some funding options are also open to international students and researchers.

In Germany, there is no support for a full PhD. Tuition fees are not charged at state universities or research organisations. PhD students pay for their living expenses through the organised programme, a monthly wage, or external financing. Research in Germany offers a detailed explanation of how to pursue a PhD as well as funding options.

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