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Tuition and scholarships in Europe

Written by Admin on 26 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog

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Are you a prospective international student planning to study in Europe? Then there’s a good chance that you are eligible for a scholarship. Whether you are going to study for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral degree, there are many options available.
There are several reasons why people should consider Europe as their study destination: high standards in education, open societies, relatively safe countries, appealing cultures and splendid nature. Another reason: the tuition fees are as a whole lower than in other countries and there are many scholarship opportunities to be found. Tuition costs vary depending on the course, the institution and whether you are classified as an EU student or non-EU student. They also fluctuate thereby make sure to double-check the fees with your chosen institution before you begin the application process.

These scholarships or grants are created to encourage students to study in specific countries, or even certain cities, such as scholarships specifically for students looking to study in Europe. You might find these scholarships provided by your university, by the government of the country you plan to study in, or even by the government of your home country, which hopes to foster international relations through the exchange of study abroad students. Many institutions want to attract the best students. To alleviate the possible financial burden, many offer “excellence”, “talent” or “honors” scholarships. This usually means a (partial) tuition waiver and allowance, but it varies per institution. 

Special scholarships

When you are enrolled in a study programme in Europe and you want to do an exchange or take up an internship in another EU country, you can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship. As an exchange student, you do not need to pay extra tuition. As you already paid tuition to your institution, this scholarship offers you a monthly allowance. Or you can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and do a masters degree programme.
A scholarship can make many aspects of your study period easier. Look into the scholarships you could be eligible for, and apply to a few. Bear in mind that application is often more than just an online form: you'll have to provide references, write motivation letters draw up a budget estimate, sending in transcripts and sometimes it even involves auditions. Be prepared and thorough, because if you persevere, you may, in the end, get that scholarship.

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