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Study Masters Programs in European countries

Written by ESC Admin on 26 Jul 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in europe

Higher International education is a wonderful achievement and a life-changing experience, but it also involves huge expenses most of the time. But pursuing your Master's degree in Europe you can benefit from low tuition and overall low living costs. Higher education is considered as a luxury due to the high cost, limited vacancies & lack of information and guidance. Even with the amount of information freely available online it’s difficult for students to locate the exact program that suits his/her profile perfectly. European universities offer an excellent alternative in such a situation. With a perfect combination of subsidized tuition fees, high quality infrastructure and educational services makes Europe an ideal choice for a student wishing to study abroad

Study Masters in Europe

Together with the new academic lifestyle, living in another country and getting immersed in a different culture forces us to become more adaptable to new environment. European countries also boast some of the most revered education systems in the world which means that at the end of studies students come away with a respected qualification in addition to a lifetime of experiences and memories


Whether you hope to study masters in Europe or take up your bachelors in Europe the choices offered are vast and varied. Business Studies, MBBS, Engineering, Social Sciences, Aviation, and the list goes on. In short there is something for everyone, and added to that is the advantage of the Schengen visa which ensure that you can travel to the nearby countries in search of internships or projects and eventually even opt for jobs.


International students from all over the world travel to Europe for the sole purpose of studying and gaining an international degree. South Africa, Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, India, Singapore, etc. are some of the countries that opt for international education in Europe. The degree opens up number of avenues in the job market and ensures a good pay package for the prospective employee. The reason for such a preference by employers is due to the fact that students with European degrees gain the skills, knowledge and experience that employer’s value. With strong international business, creative and research sectors, Europe is a great place to build career.


What makes European universities so strong is the emphasis on creativity, innovation and support - helping the students to reach the student’s true potential. The overall ranking consists of three separate pillars with differing weights: Education ,measuring the quality of education; Cost ,assessing what students should expect to pay for living and tuition; and Life & Career , evaluating the quality of life and the chances of staying and working in the country after graduation.


Scholarships and educational grants are offered by most universities to their international students. These can vary from 30% of the tuition fees and go up as much as 70% or more for high performing students. Added to that is the high number of public universities which charge nominal fees and some time even offer free education. Countries such as Germany are well known all over the world for their high standards in public universities and every year a large number of students flow into Germany for this purpose. Another country gaining limelight in the field of international education is Malta, with its accommodating visa processes, affordable tuition fees and an extensive range of courses.


Studying abroad is not a burden on your budget, sometimes it is a more inexpensive alternative than studying in your home town. Whether you're concerned about tuition fees or the cost of living, there are many countries in Europe where you can find an inexpensive study experience along with receiving good education.  So, Crunch the numbers and broaden your search!

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